Small Animals Books & Gifts

There are so many products designed for cats, dogs and their owners that it’s easy to overlook items specifically designed for small pets. Your cute critters are unique and have their own set of needs. That’s why Chewy carries small pet supplies designed specifically for tiny fur friends. Small pets, also known as “pocket pets,” typically refer to gerbils, hamsters, ferrets and rabbits. Small pets are easy to take care of and require less attention than cats and dogs. For that reason and others, small pets make the perfect first pet. Chewy has everything you need to care for and celebrate your pocket pet. You will find a variety of small pet gifts and books at Need help caring for your rabbit? Consider books about rabbits like the very useful Rabbits for Dummies by Connie Isbell. If shopping for a small pet, consider necessities like small pet food and small pet treats. Chewy has delicious, healthy rabbit food your fur friend will hop for and yummy hamster treats your little one will love. If shopping for a friend with a small pet, consider housing like small pet cages. Chewy has a wide range of small pet habitats and accessories to make even the smallest of pets feel comfortable and fulfilled at home. Fill your little one’s house with small pet bedding and litter for additional comfort. Your pocket pet will also enjoy small pet beds and toys for hiding out. Small pet carriers make traveling with a small pet easier. Keep him clean with small pet grooming and health supplies. Find everything you need to be the best small pet parent at Chewy’s online pet store 24/7.

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