Cat Odor Absorbers

When cat litter box or cat litter odors take over your home, or you need to eliminate the pet smell from your car after a long journey, Chewy offers just the products to help! Pet odor absorbers provide an effective and convenient way to remove pet odors from your car and home. From odor-absorbing bags to gels and beads, you are sure to find the pet odor absorber that meets your needs. If you are looking for a pet odor neutralizer that can be used in both your car and your home, an odor-absorbing bag is an easy and convenient option. Gonzo Natural Magic pet odor eliminators offers pet odor absorbers that use zeolite—a naturally occurring volcanic material—to neutralize odors. Because their natural air-freshening bag is made with zeolite, it is reusable. All you have to do is place it in direct sunlight, and it will recharge and get back to work fighting pet odors in your home or car. The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag is another pet-odor-absorbing bag. The linen bag is filled with ultra-absorbent bamboo charcoal, making it a great all-natural and sustainably sourced option. You can refresh the charcoal monthly by placing it in the sun, allowing you to get two years of continuous odor-absorbing power. Smells Begone odor absorbing gel offers a full line of pet odor neutralizers that come in gel or bead form, which will fight odors for 60-90 days. Their fragrance-free odor-absorbing gel can be placed by the cat litter box area or your kitty’s favorite room to keep odors under control. If you want a pet odor absorber that packs a little extra punch, try one of the Smells Begone odor-neutralizing jars with a fragrance. Their apple cinnamon gel beads release molecules that will safely and naturally neutralize odors around in your home, RV, boat or car. The Smells Begone lavender vanilla gel is an odor-absorbing gel that will trap unwanted pet odors while also filling your home with a relaxing fragrance. So if you want to neutralize the pet odors in your home or car, check out Chewy’s online pet store to find pet odor absorbers and the best cat products.

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