Small Animal Playpens

An important part of being a small-pet parent is playing with your little friend. Engaging in regularly scheduled playdates with your small pet has a host of benefits for the both of you. These regular playtimes will help keep your pet's stress levels low, which leads to a happy, healthy pet. And they will help you bond with your little buddy, making the two of you inseparable. What's the must-have playtime accessory you'll be glad you invested in? A small pet playpen. We have guinea pig playpens, rabbit playpens, hamster playpens, ferret playpens and more. They will provide a safe and secure play area where your furry friend can spend some quality time away from his cage—whether indoors or outside. Here are some favorites of small pets and their owners. Petmate 8 Panel Wire Exercise Pen with Door is constructed with durable wire and solid hinges. And it's easy to set up or fold down for portability and storage. A convenient door-in-door feature allows you to pass food and water through without letting your pet out of the pen. If you're looking for the ultimate small pet playpen for outdoor play, consider Marshall Small Animal Playpen paired with Marshall Small Animal Playpen Mat/Cover. Together, they'll keep your pet comfortable and cool while he plays under the sun. And a bottom mat provides water-resistant flooring that protects little feet from hot or rough surfaces. If you're looking for a small pet playpen that has lower sides that make access for children a bit easier, check out Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Animal Playpen or Kaytee CritterTrail Small Animal Playpen. They both have colorful, non-toxic panels that are nine inches tall, making them perfect for all your little ones.

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