Dog Poop Bags

Dog poop waste bags are an economical and convenient way to help you curb your pup. Why run the risk of leakage and messes with bags that aren't made for poop? You might save a ton using grocery bags to pick up poop, but they aren't specifically designed for that purpose. The best poop bags are discreet, durable solutions for cleaning up after your pup while on walks. Using bags that are tailor-made for this purpose is ideal for so many reasons. Frisco Handle Dog Poop Bags make cleaning up after your furry friend a simple task. These durable leak-proof solutions have built-in bag handles for easy tie up. The dark green, opaque 7 by 13.5-inch bags come in scented poop bags of fresh cucumber melon to help cover up odors, or unscented poop bags if you prefer. Earth Rated PoopBags Handle Bags are perfect for dog walkers that have to pick up after all sizes of dogs. They're bigger, thicker, tougher and guaranteed leakproof. These extra-wide bags are available in a lovely lavender scent or unscented. Take convenience one step further with Flush Puppies Wallet Style Flushable & Certifiable Compostable Doodie Bags. Not only are these bags a reliable and durable dog curbing solution, but they're biodegradable and flushable, too. Simply use these bags as needed and then compost, flush or throw them in the trash.Cleaning up after your pup should be as easy as 1-2-3. Poop bags come in scented and unscented options, and are great for cleaning on-the-go messes. Dog poop bags ensure that your pup won't step in it, and neither will anyone else. Shop the best dog poop bags and pet waste bags today at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Poop Bags

What are the best dog poop bags?

The best dog poop bags are those that are easy to use and sturdy enough to contain waste without leaking or breaking. Many of the best dog waste bags will block unsavory odors, as well. Many people prefer dog potty bags that are thicker, to avoid the unpleasant sensation of picking up feces. You can also find bio-degradable poop bags for dogs that are better for the environment. Chewy has a wide selection of dog poop bags of all types, so you should have no trouble finding exactly the right ones for your preferences and needs.

Are dog poop bags smell-proof?

Dog poop bags are not smell-proof, but many have odor-blocking properties and pleasant scents to mask the smell of the contents within. Some dog waste bags are excellent at sealing in odor, and they may also include ingredients like baking soda to absorb smells.

Where do I put dog poop bags?

Put unused dog poop bags in a poop bag holder that can attach to your leash or belt as you walk your dog. You can also carry a few waste bags in your pocket if you prefer. Used dog poop bags should be sealed and put in the trash for hygienic and sanitary disposal. Used compostable dog waste bags can be put into a home composter or composted at qualified public facilities that allow them.

Are dog poop bags biodegradable?

Some dog poop bags are biodegradable, but many are not. Look for eco-friendly poop bags that are labeled biodegradable or compostable if you are concerned about your dog's impact on the environment. You can find dog waste bags made from renewable materials like corn and bags made from recycled materials. Chewy has a wide selection of biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly dog waste bags to choose from.