Aquarium Salt & Minerals

Adding aquarium salt to your tank can have many benefits for both marine and freshwater tanks. Freshwater tanks can benefit greatly from using salt to reduce stress in your fish that's caused by disease or as a short-term remedy to treat external parasites. A marine fish aquarium regularly require additional marine fish saltwater when replacing water or when water evaporates. Instant Ocean Sea Salt for Aquariums is considered the industry standard for high-quality manufactured fish salt for aquariums. This salt mix has necessary trace elements and is carefully formulated to use in the marine environment. All you have to do is pour the salt into dechlorinated tap water or distilled water, stir and aerate. Freshwater aquariums can benefit greatly from the use of saline or tropical freshwater fish salt and minerals as well. Aquarium salt can be used sparingly in freshwater tanks to promote fish health, improve gill function, alleviate stress or help with disease recovery. It's also great when setting up new aquariums or doing water changes.  Just make sure to use a solution that is free of iodine, like API Freshwater Aquarium Salt. It's made from pure evaporated sea water and contains electrolytes that fish need to take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide and ammonia through the gills. To keep your pet fish happy and healthy be sure to keep their water clean with the best fish water care supplies. So, whether you are looking for a new fish tank filter, some new fish tank décorfish food or even a fish tank heater Chewy's online pet store has all of the fish supplies you may need.  So don't wait, shop Chewy today for great deals!

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