Dog Sofa Beds

Make relaxing at home a dream for your pup with one of the dog sofa beds. Chewy carries a terrific selection of dog couches and sofas in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, so you should have no trouble finding one to paw-fectly suit your dog and your décor. You’ll find everything from petite sofa style dog bed options to extra large dog sofa beds made to accommodate the biggest canine companions.

When it comes to dog bed furniture, sofa and chair styles can be the easiest to blend seamlessly into your home. Many of these are made to look like the furniture you already have, with features like stylish wooden legs, tufting and fine upholstery fabrics including velvet and microfiber. Faux leather dog sofa beds combine timeless style with easy maintenance, or try a plush padded style for the ultimate in panache and comfort. You can choose a statement sofa in a trendy, modern color, or pick one of the many grey dog sofa beds to complement any interior color scheme.

Large dog sofa beds are a great choice for big dawgs or multi-dog homes, or try a smaller sofa for petite pups and those who don’t like to share. Lightweight, low-profile bolster sofa beds combine comfort with portability, while raised beds provide stability and security for sounder sleep.

Many sofa-style dog beds have pet-friendly features like removable and washable covers, water-resistant material or chew-resistant construction, and some are even made to withstand outdoor use! Orthopedic dog beds provide added support that’s great for older dogs and those with joint issues, while dog pillow beds made with self-heating or cooling material can add extra comfort as the seasons change. Chewy has all the dog supplies you need to help your pup relax in style. Shop our snooze-worthy selection of dog sofa beds and help your best friend get his best sleep yet!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Sofa Beds

Are sofa beds good for dogs?

Sofa beds are good for dogs, as they provide bolstered support and a sense of security that canines enjoy. Elevated sofa beds can help your dog avoid drafts and feel more secure off the ground, while lower sofa-style beds are great for smaller pups and those with mobility issues. Sofa dog beds come in a variety of comfortable, dog-friendly materials and make a stylish addition to any room in your home.

What are the benefits of dog sofa beds?

The benefits of dog sofa beds include canine comfort, support and security as well as stylish design that blends into any home décor. The bolstered construction of dog couches provides edge support for canines who like to curl up and a headrest for those who like to stretch out. Special features like orthopedic foam construction, vibration-resistant legs and high-tech cooling or heating materials can further boost comfort and provide extra-restful sleep for your pup.

How do you clean dog sofa beds?

You can clean most dog sofa beds with a simple spot-cleaning for regular maintenance, or choose a sofa with a removable cover for even easier care. Most of the dog sofas Chewy carries have removable cushion covers that can be machine washed, and some feature stain-resistant and water-resistant material, as well. Faux leather sofa beds resist hair, moisture and staining and clean up easily with a damp cloth.