Superhero Dog Costumes

Up, up and away! Put a cape on your pup and watch them soar to new heights of cuteness. As a pet parent, your pup is probably already a hero in your eyes. Afterall, who makes your bad days better and your sad days happier? Your dog comes to your rescue daily, and now you can dress her up like the hero she is. While your dog might not like wearing clothes, Chewy carries dog costumes and dog costume accessories that are comfortable, flexible and designed for your pet. Your dog will keep her costume on longer when it’s comfortable and fits accurately. That’s why at, we carry only the best classic dog costumes your pet will love. Looking for a superhero costume dog pals will love? Consider a classic superman dog costume to showcase the hero inside your pup. This three-piece costume will transform your dog or cat into a Pet of Steel. It’s the perfect costume for your next Halloween party or trip to Comic-Con. The costume includes a blue polyfoam chest piece with large “S” logo, red dog cape and yellow-and-red foam belt. The fabric ties help provide a snug and secure fit. Other DC dog superhero costumes include Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, Super Girl and Bat Girl. If you are more of a Marvel superhero fan, consider a Marvel dog costume. Marvel dog costumes include Captain America and this Spider Man dog costume. Superhero costumes are great, but why stop there when there are so many cute costumes to choose from? You can dress your fur baby up as just about anything. Animal costumes for dog have become more popular. You can dress your dog up as everything from a skunk to scare your guests to an adorable panda your friends will want to cuddle with. If your dog wags her tale for fairy tales, consider Disney dog costumes. If you and your four-legged pal are foodies, check out food dog costumes for the next holiday event or family party. Most pets are characters without wearing anything but their fur, but movie dog costumes can showcase your pet’s wacky personality. If your pet is more of a sports fan than a movie buff, put your pup in a dog sports costume for your next tailgate. Your pup can add cheer to any holiday party with an adorable dog Christmas costume. Whether it’s highlighting the hero within your dog or showcasing their wacky side, you’ll find the perfect dog costumes at

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