Classic Dog Costumes

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or just a regular Tuesday, there is no wrong reason to dress up your pets in classic dog costumes. The right pet costumes are cute, soft and comfortable for your fluffy fur friend’s enjoyment as well as yours. There are plenty of reasons to dress up your pet in an adorable pet costume. Halloween pet parties are more popular than ever. Help your pets win the annual costume contest with the best dog costumes from At Chewy, we carry the most popular dog costumes from dog fairy costumes to dog superhero costumes and dog costume accessories. Looking to make your pet the belle of the ball? Dress her up in the Belle Disney Princess dog costume by Rubie’s Costume Company. You’ll find other Disney dog costumes at as well. You can dress your pet as Snow White, Cinderella or the Little Mermaid and all eyes will be on her as she enters a room. Fairy tales aren’t just for fur girls. Male dogs can dress up as famous fairy tale characters too. Try a pair of Mickey Mouse dog ears for a quick costume change or dress him up as the legendary hero, Robin Hood. Sometimes the most obvious costumes are the best ones. Consider animal costumes for dog friends in your life. Dressing up your four-legged friend as a lobster or shark is funny and cute. Plus, your pet will get to feel what it’s like to walk in someone else’s fur for a day. If you’re looking to make your party guests laugh, there is nothing like food dog costumes to inspire glee. Who wouldn’t get a kick out of seeing a Dachshund dressed up like a hot dog or a German Shepherd dressed up like a pineapple? Food themed dog costumes come in a wide variety and are hilarious. TV and movie-buff pet parents can now dress their pets in movie dog costumes inspired by characters from their favorite franchises like Star Wars, DC and Marvel. For pet parents who prefer sports, a cute dog sports costume idea could be a football player costume equipped with tiny football. Dog costumes aren’t just for Halloween. You can dress your pet in a dog Christmas costume and add even more cheer to your holiday party. At, you will find everything you need to dress up your pet during the holiday season and beyond. Start looking for the perfect costume for your fur friend now.

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