Veterinary Diet Dog Treats

Putting your pooch on a new prescription dog food diet doesn't mean she has to sit on the sidelines during dog treat time. Several well-known brands make special prescription dog treats that complement each prescription dog food without compromising the diet's effectiveness. A visit to your vet can help you determine which type of prescription treats might be good for your dog. Just like prescription foods, prescription dog treat recipes are formulated by veterinarians to help manage your pet's particular health condition. Ingredients are selected based on their therapeutic properties and carefully combined with palatability in mind. They've been clinically tested with proven results, so you can rest easy knowing that they're safe. And best of all, they won't work against the careful diet regimen you've set up for your pal. These tasty treat formulas require a prescription and are typically prescribed as part of your pet's overall health plan under the care of a veterinarian. But don't worry -adding some prescription snacks to your order is easy with Chewy's prescription team. Some of the health concerns that can benefit from prescription dog treats include diet dog treats, food allergies dog treats, urinary tract dog treats, digestive issues dog treats and dog treats for skin conditions. Prescription dog treats help support your pet's specific dietary needs and therapeutic treatment goals. Hill's Prescription Diet dog treats offers bone-shaped crunchy treats for food sensitivities, weight maintenance, mobility and a more general treat that complements many of their prescription foods. Royal Canin dog treats's line includes urinary, hydrolyzed protein, gastrointestinal, weight management and original treats for dogs on special vet diets. If your dog is on a veterinary food from Royal Canin or Hill's Prescription dog treats, check out some of the yummy treat options Chewy carries. Your dog treat-seeking pet will thank you. Find this and more on Chewy's online pet store where you can find the best dog supplies today!

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