Ferret Tunnels & Wheels

Ferrets like to stay active when they’re not sleeping, so having toys like ferret balls on hand can be a fun outlet for their playful energy. Chewy carries tons of excellent ferret toys, including balls, dangling toys, activity centers and more. You can even find toys that work with a ferret tunnel system to create the ultimate playground for your pets!

Ferrets just love playing with balls, so look for multi-packs of lightweight ones to create a fun play situation for your little buddies. Use them to create a makeshift ball pit, or maybe try a ready-made pit that connects to a ferret tunnel for a really good time. Balls made of grass or other chew-safe material also make great ferret chew toys and have the added benefit of being good for the teeth. Chewable balls can also help redirect unwanted chewing behaviors, saving your furniture from active ferret teeth.

Another way to help your ferrets have a ball is with an exercise ball they can roll around the room in. Think of it as a ferret wheel that actually goes places! The most exciting ones are made of transparent material so your buddies can look out, and some are large enough to fit more than one ferret. Some ferrets will even get in them and wrestle each other, or you can put toys in there for added excitement. Just make sure your ferret likes being in there before you seal it up and never leave ferrets unattended in exercise balls.

Be sure to fill all your ferret enclosures and habitats with lots of exercise and play options for your ferrets. Having multiple ferret hideouts and play tunnels along with a ferret wheel and some interactive toys will keep your ferrets from getting bored. You can even find ferret cages with built-in tunnel systems, or assemble your own custom maze with a tunnel kit. Shop for play accessories and all the ferret supplies you need to create a stimulating home for your pets at Chewy’s online pet store. You’ll find a great selection of ferret balls for your playful buddies along with so much more!

How do I exercise my ferret?

Exercise your ferret by letting him run around in a playpen, by giving him lots of toys like ferret balls to play with, or by providing a ferret wheel for him to use. You can also let your ferret zip and play around the house if it’s ferret-proofed or try training him to walk on a leash outside. Ferret tunnels and especially ferret tunnel systems provide a great outlet for running off excess energy, while a ferret ball pit can give your ferret an outlet for energetic play and entertain you, to boot. Making a combination of exercise and play options available along with plenty of time outside the cage should keep your ferret properly exercised and mentally stimulated.

How much exercise does a ferret need?

Ferrets need a minimum of four hours a day for exercise outside the cage and, ideally, at least two hours of human interaction. You’ll also want to provide exercise options inside the cage using wheels, tunnels, toys and more.

How do I keep ferrets entertained?

Keep ferrets entertained by creating play areas like ball pits, jungle gyms (cat trees are great for this), ferret tunnel systems or even a kiddie pool filled with water, sand or rice. You can also repurpose household items like cardboard boxes, PVC pipes or paper bags to create fun ferret hideaways for them. Use your imagination and improvise—ferrets will play for hours with something as simple as a roll of toilet paper! And always provide ferret chew toys, ferret balls, wheels and other toys for your ferrets, too.

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