Dog Training Whistles

Dogs can be trained using a variety of methods and dog training products. You can use a dog training clicker, which you would click whenever a dog performs a desired action. You can give your dog a lot of affection whenever she sits or stays. Or you can toss her a handful of tasty dog treats if she correctly performs a command.

Using a dog training whistle is another method of training that a pup may respond well to. Another benefit to a dog whistle is that unlike a clicker, a dog training whistle provides a way for you to communicate with your pup from a long distance away. If you are on your bicycle and your pup is running up ahead of you on a trail, for instance, you can blow your whistle and signal your dog to sit or wait until you catch up with her. Dog training whistles can also be useful in teaching your pup the basics of assisting you on a hunt or while engaging in a competition such as flyball or working through an agility course.

A dog whistle is specifically designed to make a noise at a high frequency that humans cannot hear but is extremely audible to a canine’s ears. One benefit of using a dog-specific whistle is that you will not annoy your neighbors with the noise.

Chewy has a wide selection of dog training whistles to choose from. The Acme 535 silent dog whistle is a durable dog whistle that attaches to a lanyard and can be heard up to 400 yards away. The SportDog SAC00-1175 Roy Gonia Clear Competition dog whistle is a dog training whistle that is easy to blow and has a lower-pitched sound that is a perfect frequency for working with a pup from a farther distance. And the SportDOG SAC00-11747 Clear Competition Mega dog whistle is designed to direct sound forward, thus protecting a dog owner’s ears while simultaneously giving a clear command to a pup. Shop Chewy for all your pet supplies including dog training whistles and other dog supplies.

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