Animal Nutritional Products

Founded in 2001, Animal Nutritional Products started from humble beginnings and worked hard to expand and produce some of the best nutraceuticals designed for our pets. Focused on dealing with the most serious and common diseases in animal health, it’s no wonder they achieved the success they have. With one of the most well-known and well-regarded researchers in the world of nutraceuticals as the Vice President of Research and Development, Animal Nutritionals Products was able to tackle osteoarthritis, dermatological problems and urinary tract disease. With nine Masters of Science and Ph.D. degrees, the VP of Research and Development has written and published over 75 original papers on medicinal plants, qualifying him for the work he does for Animal Nutritional Products. Animal Nutritional Products remains focused on offering supplements to enhance the lives of our most precious and beloved furry family members. With premier formulas and above-standard quality, Animal Nutritional Products is proud to stand behind the integrity of their products, their dedicated staff and their supplements.

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