Canada Fresh

Canada Fresh is a proud brand of PetKind, and they’re on a dogged mission to bring nature-sourced nutrition to your pal’s bowl with every meal. Committed to the health and well-being of dogs and cats alike, they strive to pack each formula with nourishing nutrition to bring out the best in your pal, with every bite. That’s why they use only 95% fresh meat sourced from a single animal like salmon, lamb, duck and beef so it’s great for furbabies with sensitivities or food allergies. Then, they make sure that their foods provide food-derived nutrition to keep four-legged pals healthy, happy and fit with health-boosting nutrients like glucosamine, vitamins, minerals, amino acids for healthy muscles and essential fatty acids for a lustrous skin and coat. Plus, they make 100% of their products in Canada and a portion of the proceeds from every product goes directly to Conservancy Canada, who’s devoted to help protect Canada’s precious eco-systems.

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