Julius-K9 got its name from the founder and CEO, Julius Sebo, and the K9 is actually not just for the word “canine” (an homage to all the pooches the company is on a mission to gear up with their sturdy harnesses), but actually “k” is for kutya (which means dog in Hungarian), and the “9” is from Sebo’s childhood home address in Budapest. From a very early age, Sebo was passionate about dogs. He actually grew up with a bunch of them. Today, Sebo and his wife run Julius-K9, and they share their passion for pups with the pet parents that guide their designs. Starting with the strictest European manufacturing standards, following up with innovative creativity, and using high-quality German materials, they build specialty, weather-proof and ultra-wearable dog harnesses that are great for training, walking, hiking and everything in between. Plus, they are committed to getting behind efforts that support responsible dog ownership, safe and humane neutering and adoption, as well as the overall health and well-being of dogs everywhere.

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