Optixcare is on a clear and dogged mission to help pets enjoy all the sights with their pet parents with healthy, bright, and comfy eyes. That’s why they are constantly on the cutting edge of research when it comes to providing eye care products that meet the needs of veterinarians as well as doggie and kitty owners alike. They specialize in ophthalmic solutions—products that are specially made for furry pals’ eyes — that are veterinarian-recommended and used by eye specialists, and that contain medical-grade ingredients for maximum strength and effectiveness. Striving to develop solutions that are high quality, vet specific, economical, and ultra-eye-friendly, their product line includes eye wipes that reduce and prevent tear stains as well as lubricating drops that act like artificial tears for cats and dogs. And because caring for eyes goes beyond cleaning and moisturizing, they offer topical gels that nourish eyes with antioxidants from natural superfoods.

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