Petrainer got its start in 2014 as a manufacturer selling directly to customers online, and they quickly rose through the ranks of pet-related product sellers. Their goal is to make reliable and effective electronic dog training collars available to anyone that wants to be able to train the dog of their dreams by making sure that their e-collars are affordable and outperform the competition. When it comes to selling dog training devices, Petrainer is quick to take all customer feedback into consideration by listening to what their buyers have to say, and then putting that input into effect with new products. They want to give their customers a simplified and streamlined way to harness the power of electronic dog collars, while also making sure that their e-collars offer consumers a cost-effective way to correct canine behavioral issues and teach the essentials of dog obedience. Petrainer keeps their products powerful and affordable by cutting out the middle man. They design, manufacture and sell their own product line, keeping costs down and quality up for Petrainer customers.

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