Platinum Pets

Founded by Kate Jones in 2010 and based in Vancouver, Washington, Platinum Pets is a manufacturer of high-quality pet bowls and accessories that are powder-coated in vibrant, contemporary colors for strength and durability. Their color palette is intended to complement any home décor while celebrating the unique life and personality of every pet. Like most pet parents, Kate’s pets are part of her family, and her mission is to provide these four-legged family members with products that are designed for safety, optimum health and ongoing joy. Platinum Pets regularly incorporates veterinary recommendations into their designs and proudly manufactures their products in the USA. The Platinum Pets team also believes in giving back, both by staying committed to the highest environmental standards for pets and people, and by giving back to the pet community. They donate and volunteer their time to local animal shelters and also partner with organizations across the country to help pet lovers give back to the animals closest to them.

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