Dr. Tim's Aquatics Waste-Away Freshwater Aquarium Cleaner

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Help your fishy pals do some much-needed housekeeping with Dr. Tim’s Aquatics Freshwater Waste-Away Aquarium Cleaner. This freshwater aquarium cleaner helps naturally dissolve sludge, dirt and waste that build up in your tank on a weekly basis. It works to remove nitrate and phosphate while also eliminating hidden gunk and waste you might not be able to see. As a bonus, this waste-removing formula also helps keep your filter pad cleaner for longer. It’s a completely natural way to keep your fishy friends’ home healthy and clean!

Key Benefits
  • This freshwater cleaner helps remove waste and keep your aquarium clean when used on a weekly basis.
  • Formulated to remove nitrates and phosphates from the tank’s environment.
  • Works to dissolve sludge, dirt and waste build up in gravel beds and other hidden areas.
  • Works to help keep your filter pad cleaner for longer.
  • A 100% natural aquarium cleaner.

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Use to reduce sludge, nitrate and phopshate in your aquarium and maintain a clean environment using healthy bacteria. Shake well before dosing. Add 1 ounce per 30 gallons (30 ml per 120 liters). Do not add on same day as First Defense or Eco-Balance. DO NOT OVERDOSE. For best results turn-off skimmer and UV for a maximum of 12-24 hours after dosing but turn back on ASAP if water starts to turn hazy. Highly recommend starting with a 1/2 or 1/4 dose when using for the first time.

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