Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System

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Rated 4.3453 out of 5 stars
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Color: Black

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This Item - Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System, Black
Rated 4.3453 out of 5 stars
$21.99Chewy Price

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About This Item

  • Compact, hygienic and convenient waste pail uses a Push-N-Lock system to seal off odors and keep your home smelling fresh.
  • The Plus model includes a litter scoop with attached holder and the Plus refill is 30% larger than the standard Litter Genie refill.
  • Uses a durable, five-layer bag with barrier technology to lock away dangerous germs and offensive smells.
  • High-capacity pail eliminates the need to take daily trips to the trash; pail measures 9.5 x 8.5 x 17 inches.
  • Available in silver or black and comes with one single refill that offers 18 feet of film.
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Learn More About Litter Genie From Our Team of Experts

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Questions & Answers

32 Customer Questions

Is it mandatory to have the refills? And why?
Answer by ChewyOct 19, 2017
The litter waste disposal system works with the refill liners to collect waste and seal off odors to make clean up quick and easy.

The blade to cut the bags is getting dull in my Litter Genie. Is a replacement blade available?
Answer by ChewyOct 30, 2017
There currently aren't any blade replacements.

What is the capisity of the container?
Answer by ChewyMay 29, 2018
The pail holds up to 2 weeks of cat litter.

Can the litter genie be used for small to medium size dogs or do the make a dog genie?
Answer by ChewyAug 06, 2019
Although this system was designed exclusively for litter waste, we've had positive feedback that it works well for dog waste as well.

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Rated 4.3453 out of 5 stars
1590 Reviews
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1590 Customer Reviews

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Kittens on Jun 21, 2022

Horrible container

I have the X-Large like this and it’s been great. Decided to get a smaller one and it’s horrible. Will not stay closed, you pick it up and it flops open because the inner button will not line up, seems to be permanently bent inside. I didn’t want to return si I got out my glue gun and built up the button so it will catch now, hopefully it will hold for awhile. I do not recommend this at all, very cheap made

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By RSS4 on Jun 14, 2022

Litter Genie review

The Litter Genie is an idea that works. Our home no longer smells of soiled litter, and I'm glad I bought it. I would change the little edges on the scooper holder so that it stays put a little better. That being said, the spring to release the soiled litter into the reservoir area below feels quite strong and sturdy, and that's probably the most important attribute of this invention to seal off the odors very well. I intend to purchase another one of these because I have litter boxes in two locations in my home.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By magg on May 23, 2022

Great for odor elimination

This genie is honestly amazing. I live in a pretty small apartment, so keeping the smell of liter contained is very important to me. I notice there is absolutely no smell after scooping. It's super convenient since I have it set up right next to the liter box, so its super quick for me to do it... its also really satisfying watching the waste go down the chute lol. I've had it for about 7 months now and I haven't had any issues with it thus far. The '10 week' refill just ran out tonight.. its been well over 10 weeks. For reference, I have a single cat.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Genius on May 13, 2022

Perfect but 1 small flaw

I bought 2 of these & it was THE BEST money spent! Instead of trying to clear the waste out of the apartment daily we can now wait until there is a surprisingly large amount collected. I have 2 cats & my niece has one, so I go through the collection bag a bit faster. It’s a breeze to use & there is seriously no smell. My only complaint is that the lid on both of ours, within a week of so, snapped right off. I don’t know what happened because it was during regular scooping & the next thing I know it flipped backwards & snapped off. I guess we just lay the lid on top for the time being (I think glue won’t work because then it wouldn’t open & shut), but without that design flaw this is the best product to come around for cats in a really long time!

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Catie on May 26, 2022

keeps smells away

This is great for busy people who just have time to scoop but not bag up litter everyday. It keeps the smell out and with one cat I'm only changing the bag every 1.5 weeks. The docking was because the plastic doesn't line up perfectly so it doesn't close properly without me adjusting it every time so mine was likely just a manufacturing error.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By BiscuitServant on Apr 18, 2022

This does the trick

I've been using the Litter Genie now for almost a year, and I wanted to come back and review it. I am impressed so far! I have one cat, and I empty the bag every two weeks. I use a clay litter, so that may change depending on what litter you use and definitely will change if you have multiple kitties. It's easy to set up, easy to use, and it DOES NOT SMELL. I was amazed. I have a very sensitive nose, so I was waiting to see if the Genie would let me down. Thus far, it's been great, and my friends have all been shocked that I have a litter box with no smells at all. A few tips: Watch the video online; it is really helpful, because the box came with no directions for inserting the liners. Make sure that the Genie is firmly closed and sealed after you replace bags. If even one corner is slightly open, you will find yourself with a smelly room.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Mark on Apr 15, 2022

Overall, a great product

I've been using the Litter Genie for two weeks now, and I love it. It's convenient (kept right next to the litter boxes) and easy to use. It keeps all the odor inside the unit, and the only time I smell anything is when I open the unit to tie off a used bag and set up a new one. Both those functions were a little awkward at first, but only because it was my first time using it. The only downside, and it's not the fault of Litter Genie, is that the bags don't last as long as I would like. It takes about five days to fill up a bag, a little bit less that what's stated in the description, but that's because we have two cats, one of which urinates about 10 times per day. He's very old, drinks and pees a lot (not kidney disease), so it's understandable. I'm just happy he's still using the litter box! So, overall, I highly recommend this product.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By MomOf3Cats on Apr 12, 2022

Excellent idea

So, we had started out with one very spoiled rotten cat when my son adopted a kitten and wasn’t able to take him when he moved. One litter box, one cat. No problem. Then…we had a feral cat show up. Come to find out she was pregnant. Two cats? OK. No problem. Well, momma cat has two kittens. I found homes for both babies, however, it didn’t work out with one of them and he ended up coming back to my house. Wait…whoa! Three cats? Ugh! We now have three litter boxes and are constantly cleaning them. I did some research on the litter genie and thought it would be a good idea to get 2. I just got them today and have already used both as one of the boxes is nowhere near the two older cats boxes. It’s perfect! So glad I bought them.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Callie on Apr 25, 2022

Poorly designed product

Reviews have marveled about how nice this product is and so easy to set up but no one discusses the other end of the routine. This is poorly designed. The product opens in the MIDDLE which means you have to open it partway, stick your hand in and pull the bag down further while holding the top AND pulling on the black part to prevent the litter in the top chamber from spilling out. Litter Genie is a nuisance and I much prefer Litter Genie but they can’t ship the refill bags into California.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Catmom on May 2, 2022

Just okay, I don’t recommend

Doesn’t hold in smell very well. After I wash the litter box with soap, dry it, and pour in fresh litter, I put the dirty scoops in a paper bag, inside of a plastic bag, and then lock it in the genie box. I can still smell it from the other room. So there’s no point in using this item for me, personally. I went back to putting the dirty scoops in my trash can since it holds smell better.