Microbe-Lift Pond Big Bites Koi & Goldfish Food

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Microbe-Lift Pond Big Bites Koi & Goldfish Food, 2.75-lb jar slide 1 of 5
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Microbe-Lift Pond Big Bites Koi & Goldfish Food, 2.75-lb jar slide 1 of 5

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About This Item

  • Specials big pellets were formulated with larger koi in mind.
  • Recipe contains crab shell, krill, and spirulina to promote more vibrant coloring.
  • Delivers a healthy helping of stabilized vitamin C for added nourishment.
  • Forget about murky water—this fish food won’t cloud up your pond.
  • Packaging has a predator-proof design, so you can leave it outside with your fish.
Play Video: Learn More About Microbe-Lift From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Microbe-Lift From Our Team of Experts

About Microbe-Lift Pond Fish Food

A Formula You Can Trust

MICROBE-LIFT foods are made in the USA with no preservatives or food colors. Their unique formula allows fish to absorb more nutrients, creating less fish waste and algae for superior water quality.

Latest Technology

The foods are made by the extrusion process and are easily accessible for digesting agents. They have much higher digestibility than pelleted or flaked food, which is vital for koi with no stomachs.

Nature’s Building Blocks

The beneficial bacteria inside of MICROBE-LIFT foods are key to your fish’s gut health, resulting in increased growth, health, vitality and color enhancement. These Nature’s Building Blocks produce and secrete enzymes that break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats into smaller, more easily digested nutrients. Your fish will have a totally balanced diet while achieving maximum health benefits.

A Wide Variety of Koi & Goldfish Pond Foods

MICROBE-LIFT’s high-grade koi foods consist of essential nutrients and vitamins needed to keep koi healthy. They also provide the koi with a steady source of protein, carbohydrates, and minerals that help them grow bigger and develop more vibrant colors.

Summer Staple

These pellets promote brilliant color development and offer the animal protein and color enhancers that are needed during the summer.

Variety Mix

This variety mix contains a blend of fruits, greens, carbohydrates, protein, wheat germ, and vitamins for your koi and pond fish.

High Growth & Energy

Provides koi and goldfish with a boost of protein for growth in late spring and in the fall when they need to bulk up for their winter fast.

Fruits & Greens

Crafted cut and blended fruits and veggies including apples, apricots, kiwis, mangos, papayas, peaches, pears, broccoli, cabbage and more!

Immuno Food

Montmorillonite clay helps provide immunity against viruses found in ponds and acts as a toxin binder by neutralizing the metabolic toxins.

Cold Weather Food

This cold-water diet is made with less protein but contains wheat germ, which is easily digested and also contains higher level of fats.

Big Bites

These are Summer Staple floating pellets in a larger size for feeding your larger Koi. They are rich in animal protein and color enhancers.

Mini Pellets

These smaller-sized pellets are designed for your petite fish. They contain stabilized vitamin C to help promote proper tissue development.

Supporting A Balanced Diet for Healthy Koi


Koi will eat almost anything humans will eat. Classified as “omnivores,” they will eat foods which are derived from plants and animals. It is important that your koi is fed a daily diet that is well balanced.


Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water are included in all MICROBE-LIFT Foods, providing your koi with body heat, energy, growth material and a strong immune system.


Vitamin C deficiency is a common problem in koi fish. Vitamin C is necessary to metabolize collagen for bones and joints. Each formula is rich in long-lasting stabilized vitamin C.


Koi are ravenous feeders, eating a lot of food in short periods. They have no stomach, so you should feed them at least 2x a day, morning and evening. Smaller feedings more often is the preferred method. 


Like humans, koi get bored eating the same food every day if it’s not to their standards. It’s suggested to choose a minimum of one primary and one supplemental food to encourage variety, so they don’t get bored. 


MICROBE-LIFT’s unique formula has a 70% float and 30% sink ratio so that the less aggressive feeders who tend to stay on the bottom to feed will get their fair share.

About Microbe-Lift

The team at Ecological Laboratories is focused on environmental stewardship and sustainable development. By providing safe, natural products they allow their customers to also be good stewards of the environment so that it will be suitable for future generations. They produce their own bacteria, ensuring that every product they put their name on is 100% safe.

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