Nature's Logic Feline Rabbit Meal Feast All Life Stages Dry Cat Food

By Nature's Logic
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About This Item


  • Made with over 60% animal protein with rabbit meal listed as the first ingredient.
  • Contains natural, active probiotics and enzymes to support a healthy digestive track.
  • Free from potatoes, peas, lentils, wheat, corn, rice, soy, potato or chemically synthesized vitamins, minerals, trace nutrients, carrageenan, guar gum or xanthan gum.
  • Formulated with naturally occurring taurine found in the organ and muscle meat, as well as the plasma for nose-to-tail well-being in every bite.
  • Made with 100% natural and gluten-free ingredients that your purring pal deserves.

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Play Video: Learn More About Nature's Logic From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Nature's Logic From Our Team of Experts

About Nature's Logic for Cats

A Truly Natural Diet for Your Cat

Nature's Logic provides pet parents with all-natural pet food options to help them thrive. They use the highest-quality protein sources from meat, poultry and fish, plus carefully selected fruits and vegetables. It's truly a 100% natural diet that gives pets the essential nutrients they need without the use of synthetic supplements.

No Chemically Synthesized Ingredients

All of Nature's Logic's cat food options, from their kibble to their canned foods, derive the essential nutrients your cat needs for a healthy life from natural, wholesome food ingredients. There are no chemically synthesized vitamins, minerals or amino acids added or any artificial colors, flavors or synthetic preservatives used.

Packed With High-Quality Proteins

Nature's Logic believes that your cat's food should reflect the diet that their ancestors thrived on, so they make sure to only use the highest quality animal proteins. In both their canned and dry food lines they offer a wide range of proteins like chicken, rabbit, sardine and turkey, as well as additional canned food options with beef, and duck and salmon.

Minimally Processed Ingredients With Natural Nutrients

The essential nutrients that your cat needs to thrive are all provided through natural ingredients. Nature's Logic cat foods all contain naturally occurring taurine instead of an added synthetic form of the amino acid. Since taurine is an essential amino acid that a cat's body cannot make themselves, it is necessary that they obtain it through their diet.

About Nature's Logic

Nature's Logic began developing pet foods in 2005 with the intention of creating balanced recipes that do not rely on synthetic supplements to meet required nutritional levels. Their ultimate goal is to provide pet parents with a wholesome and nutritious pet food made with safe, natural ingredients that they can feel good about feeding their dogs and cats.

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Top IngredientsRabbit Meal, Turkey Meal, Millet...Chicken Meal, Millet, Chicken Fat (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols)...Sardine Meal, Millet, Chicken Fat (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols)...Turkey Meal, Millet, Chicken Fat (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols)...Rabbit, Turkey Meal, Menhaden Fish Meal...
Special DietGluten Free, High-Protein, No Corn No Wheat No Soy...Gluten Free, High-Protein, No Corn No Wheat No Soy...Gluten Free, High-Protein, No Corn No Wheat No Soy...Gluten Free, High-Protein, No Corn No Wheat No Soy...Gluten Free, Grain-Free, High-Protein...
Food FlavorMeat, RabbitPoultry, ChickenSeafood & FishPoultry, TurkeyMeat, Rabbit
Food FormDry FoodDry FoodDry FoodDry FoodDry Food
Health FeatureDigestive Health, Skin & Coat Health, Vitamins & Minerals

Questions & Answers

10 Customer Questions

What is "Dried Egg Product"? I have seen dried eggs listed several times in ingredients lists on other cat foods, but the term "Product" used here has me confused.
Answer by ChewyMay 11, 2018
Dried egg product is made of eggs that have been separated from their shells and then dehydrated. It is an excellent source of protein and is highly digestible.

What percentage of this formula is turkey versus rabbit?
Answer by ChewyMar 16, 2021
Of the animal protein ingredients in the feline rabbit diet 60% is rabbit and 40% is turkey.

What is the carb.% on this food?
Answer by ChewyDec 30, 2020
Nature's Logic Feline Rabbit Meal Feast All Life Stages Dry Cat Food has a carbohydrate content of approximately 23.90% on a dry matter basis.

Does this brand have a Veterinarian nutritionist who makes the recipes?
Answer by ChewyMar 23, 2021
All product regulatory information and declarations are evaluated by a 3rd party board certified, veterinary nutritionist. All formulas are also run through C5 formula software on-site at production facilities and analyzed at 3rd party labs for accurate declarations.

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Rated 3.2093 out of 5 stars
43 Ratings
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43 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Rosemary on Jul 28, 2023

Don't Buy For Picky Cats! (But it's one of the best dry foods out there)

To give my cat King the best health and lifestyle possible, I've done extensive research on different cat food brands and types. Kibble, dry food, wet food, freeze-dried, and raw. Due to my lifestyle, I don't trust myself to feed my cat raw food daily. Freeze-dried food is too expensive to last for as long as I'd like it to. Kibble is too small and typically only suitable for kittens which need high amounts of protein for development. So, I wanted to find an adult dry food that was free of synthetic additives and filler ingredients. If I couldn't offer King a natural, high-protein fresh source of raw food, then the next best bet would be a natural, high-protein source of DRY food. I've spent hundreds of dollars and many hours of research (and advice from vets) on what the healthiest dry food would be for him. I was recommended this brand by an employee in a small pet store, I asked something along the lines of, "Do you know any brands similar to Orijen that don't have filler ingredients? I'd like something high in protein." She pointed me to Nature's Logic and explained that every ingredient is derived from natural foods. Every nutrient and mineral that isn't meat are non-meat products that include vitamins felines benefit from. No fillers, no synthetic ingredients. Any long names you don't recognize are still derived from natural sources. So, I bought a few cans of their wet food and a bag of their Rabbit flavored dry food. The food itself was very dark -- almost black. It was stinky, and surprisingly King (who isn't a picky eater) didn't like it. He would only eat the Rabbit dry food with a mixture of other food. I assume that the Rabbit is too lean and doesn't have enough flavor. After a month and a half we ran out of the Rabbit dry food (you can convince any cat to eat a food they don't like if they're hungry enough btw). I usually prefer to buy animal products native to my region (PNW of America) but I didn't want to risk King not liking the flavor again. I went for the Sardine flavor in the thought that it would be the smelliest and most flavorful (it was). He loved it and gobbles it up with no complaint. His food bowl turns empty after every scheduled feeding. I go through this effort to find healthy daily food for King because diet truly matters. If your cat is fed poorly it will develop long-term health issues like digestive complications, obesity, and even heart disease. I strongly recommend that you opt for a healthier alternative for your feline friends instead of giving in to their stubbornness and feeding them ingredients that are harmful to them. Their lifespans will be cut short and your vet bills will be tripled. TLDR; This food brand is extremely high quality, it has natural ingredients, no filler (like soy and grains which are bad for cats), and a high protein percentage. Ratings that claim "my cat didn't want to eat this" do NOT reflect the quality of the food. Your cat is just picky -- if you don't want to waste your money and throw away the food, leave that food in their bowl and wait until they are hungry enough to eat it. Or tempt them with a topper the first few times so they associate it AS food. It's tough love! Your cats are like toddlers, they will always prefer the more unhealthy, tastier food over the healthier food. Feed them right. (FYI, organic ≠ natural. Food derived from natural sources simply means the food can/has come from produce (ex. blueberries). This still means it can come from a lab. ORGANIC food means that it is not made in labs or synthesized.)

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Bonnie on Jul 14, 2023

Appears to be a dud

I try so hard to find dry cat food for my cats that I think will satisfy their wild cravings. They don't seem to be a fan....they prefer different food in my office, sadly

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By dazz on Apr 15, 2023

Read ingredients! Label misleading!

Label should read more accurately. My cat can not eat Turkey or chicken and this mix is mostly Turkey and chicken fat. Very little rabbit. So it should not be as costly. Not only am I disappointed in their label, I’m disappointed in myself for thinking Nature’s Logic reputation from other formulas would offer the same label/ingredient list like they do on their other products. As they didn’t directly lie I feel as though I was given the side eye.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Gaxx on Apr 7, 2023

A Healthy Dry Food

If you are going to feed your cat a dry food this is the best, no artificial anything. You can’t pick up a bag of dry cat food and not find tons of supplements. They say cats don’t need veggies, but at least vegetables are a whole food. It’s either feed them Whole Foods or a bunch of chemicals no one knows what they are or can pronounce them. I don’t exclusively feed my cats dry they get both every day. But I feel this dry food is wholesome and I am not worried they are getting unknown ingredients.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By catmom on Jan 21, 2023

6 cats, give 4 paws up

My 6 cats have done well with the small bag, so I’ll order the big one next. It does fairly well for my cats with sensitive tummies, big win for me! Litter box is much more manageable and the cats are happier.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By RLL1 on Mar 26, 2023

won't eat it

my cat wouldn't touch it. Sad, because it is an awesome company.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By zm1014 on Sep 13, 2022
Top 10 Contributor

All 3 cats refuse to eat this food.

I thought this food would be perfect for my 3 cats since they all love rabbit food and 1 cat has a chicken allergy. I requested a sample from Nature's Logic and quickly received a free 3lb. bag to try. Great customer service from Nature's Logic! Sadly, none of my cats will eat this food. When mixed with their current food, they eat around it and spit out any that managed to sneak in their mouth or ..... they completely refuse to eat any of their food if this is mixed in there. I tried a few pieces alone as treats and they won't touch them. For some unknown reason, they can't get past the smell. I'm really surprised and disappointed that not even one cat would eat this healthy food. Thanks again to the Nature's Logic company for giving me the opportunity to try before buying. This is a high quality food that most cats would probably love so it's worth a try. I'm giving this bag of food to a friend with a cat. Hopefully her cat will love it.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Cashewmom on Oct 17, 2022

Cat would not touch

My cat normally loves rabbit food. Her regular dry rabbit food was out of stock so I bought this instead. She wouldn’t touch it, even mixed in with her old food or a Churu (her favorite thing in the world).

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Addie on Sep 7, 2022

Why all the starch?

I'm searching for a dry food made for carnivores and this company fails. Why do they have to add millet??? I'm going to spend a ton of money to get a dry cat food that has no starch; shame this company won't get my money or recommendation (I work at a veterinarian's office). WHY MILLET???

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Nicole on Oct 10, 2022

This one is a miss

Originally got this because I wanted my cats to eat healthy but neither of them loved it. They ate it but weren't excited about it and looked at me like "This again? Why?"