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REPTI ZOO Double Hinge Glass Reptile Terrarium

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House your reptiles or amphibians in style with the REPTI ZOO Double Hinge Glass Reptile Terrarium. Made of naturally hygienic and easy-to-clean glass, this clear terrarium gives you a great view of your pets and can be used to create a jungle, rainforest, woodland or desert environment as needed. The raised base makes it easy to add an under-tank heater, while the waterproof bottom lets you add water to create an amphibious environment. It features side and top ventilation with UVB and infrared-penetrable woven screening, plus a handy closable inlet on the side for wires and tubing. The front doors open easily to allow for cleaning, feeding, petting and gentle hugs, and they lock securely to avoid accidental jailbreaks. Give your cold-blooded buddies the home they’ve always dreamed of with this lovely glass terrarium!

Key Benefits
  • Tough screening on the top provides ventilation and allows infrared and UVB penetration.
  • Raised bottom lets you attach a substrate heaters, while the waterproof bottom allows for an amphibious or moist environment without leaks.
  • Front doors open separately and lock securely for easy feeding, cleaning and petting access.
  • Top and side ventilation improves airflow while closable inlets let you insert tubes and wires for humidifying, heating and more.
  • Comes in 35- and 50-gallon sizes and assembles easily in minutes.

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  • Dimensions
    36 x 18 x 12.6 inches
  • Weight
    45.6 pounds
  • Material
    Glass, Aluminum
  • Reptile Type
    Snake, Hermit Crab, Tortoise, Insect, Lizard

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