Booster Bath

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Boosterbath, Inc. was started with one goal in mind—to make bathing our furry friends easier. That’s why the dedicated team developed the Booster Bath bathing system. They have successfully changed the dog washing game with their innovative design. Booster Bath’s unique home and yard dog washing system gives you 360-degree access to your pup while grooming and bathing, eliminating the common problems you face during bath time such as slipping and sliding, chasing the shampoo bottle, backaches, and messy bathroom cleanups. The team thought of it all by including a shampoo caddy, fan spray-nozzle, rubberized non-slip mat, and adjustable 3-point restraint system—everything you need to successful wash your pet without the mess and stress. Expanding beyond the tub, Booster Bath has also released convenient steps to connect to the elevated bath, but these versatile steps can work almost anywhere your pup would need the help—trucks beds, SUVs, cars, couches, and beds. Try a new, cleaner, and more convenient way of washing and grooming with Booster Bath.