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ThunderShirt Polo Anxiety Vest for Dogs

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Thundershirt uses gentle hugging to calm your dog. With its patented design, Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or overexcited. Based on surveys completed by over two thousand customers, over 80% of dogs show significant improvement in symptoms when using Thundershirt. Thundershirt is already helping hundreds of thousands of dogs around the world and is recommended by thousands of veterinarians and trainers. Thundershirt helps keep animals calm so they are more comfortable in situations that were once frightening.

Key Benefits
  • Patented design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over-excitement. This gentle hugging produces a dramatic calming effect.
  • Calms your dog during fireworks, thunder, separation, travel, vet visits, grooming, and much more with no training and no medication.
  • Comfortable and easy on/off. Made of durable, breathable, soft fabric that is washable.
  • Recommended by trainers and veterinarians to relieve stress-related behaviors such as jumping, excessive barking, and inappropriate marking.
  • Proven effective in over 80% of dogs.

USING FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME: ThunderShirt is designed to be safe to leave on for extended periods of time when appropriate for the situation or issue. When sized correctly and properly put on with a soothingly snug fit, your dog should be very comfortable. If your dog will be wearing a ThunderShirt for more than one hour at a time, we recommend removing ThunderShirt every one to two hours during the initial periods to check for any signs of irritation points. Irritation points are very rare, but it is best to be cautious. After confirming no irritation points during initial uses for extended periods, we recommend that you still remove the ThunderShirt at least twice a day for thirty minutes. CHEST STRAPS SHOULD BE LOOSE AROUND NECK: Use the �two-finger� collar rule when applying the neck straps (i.e. easily slide two fingers between the neck straps and your dogs neck without pressure). The neck straps are only intended to keep the ThunderShirt in place.

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  1. Before putting ThunderShirt on your dog for the first time, offer a small food treat to your dog using the folded ThunderShirt as a “plate”. Dogs typically become more comfortable and trusting of something that “brings” them food or anything that they associate with food. So this is an easy little trick to quickly create a positive association with ThunderShirt for your dog.
  2. Next, simply follow the “Fitting Instructions.” Leave ThunderShirt on for 5-10 minutes. Following these simple instructions allows you to learn exactly how to use ThunderShirt while the dog is calm and helps to avoid the risk that she might begin to associate ThunderShirt with what bothers her. It can also be beneficial to put ThunderShirt on every 4 to 8 weeks in the absence of anxiety.

To get the most accurate size anxiety vest for your pet, measure the girth of their chest, around the widest part of your dog's torso right behind the front legs, with a cloth tape measure. Pull the cloth tape snug, but not tight. If you don't have a cloth tape measure, you can use a piece of string and measure it with a rigid ruler afterwards. If your dog is in between sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size.

alt text

Please use Chest as your main measurement.

SizePet WeightChest (Most Important)
XX-Smallup to 7 lbs9-13 inches
X-Small8 to 14 lbs13-17 inches
Small15 to 25 lbs17-21 inches
Medium26 to 40 lbs21-25 inches
Large41 to 64 lbs25-30 inches
X-Large65 to 110 lbs30-37 inches
XX-Large111 lbs and up37-50 inches

Please make sure to measure your pet for the best possible fit. If your pet measures between two sizes, we advise ordering the smaller as this product works through compression.


Why Does Thundershirt Work?

ThunderShirt's patented design applies a gentle, constant pressure on a dog's or cat's torso. Using pressure to relieve anxiety has been a common practice for years.

What Training Is Required For Using Thundershirt For Anxiety And Fear Issues?

For many types of anxiety or fear issues, no training is necessary! Just put ThunderShirt onto your dog or cat and you will likely see results with the very first usage. However, for some, it may take two to three usages to see maximum results. For some more serious anxiety cases, such as severe separation anxiety, you should consult a good trainer for how to integrate ThunderShirt into a training program.

Can I Wash And Dry Thundershirt?

ThunderShirt is made with durable, washable fabric. When necessary, ThunderShirt may be washed in a regular cycle using regular laundry detergent and cold water. Hang to dry.

How Long Can I Leave A Thundershirt On My Dog Or Cat?

ThunderShirt is designed to be safe to leave on for extended periods of time when appropriate for the situation or issue. When properly sized and properly put on with a comfortably snug fit, your dog should be very comfortable. If your dog will be wearing a Thunder- Shirt for more than one hour at a time, we recommend removing ThunderShirt every one to two hours during the initial periods to check for any signs of irritation points. Irritation points are very rare, but it is best to be cautious.

How Do I Put Thundershirt Onto My Dog Or Cat?

We designed ThunderShirt to be very easy to put on your dog and cat, even if she is already in a state of anxiety. It just takes a few seconds and is very easy to adjust for proper fit.

Are There Any Special Sizing And Fit Considerations For Male Dogs?

When fitting a ThunderShirt on a male dog, the straps that go around the stomach area should not cover or push on the genitals or prepuce. If the ThunderShirt rubs against the genitals or prepuce, irritation may result. If you see any indications of this, remove the ThunderShirt immediately. Try a smaller size or contact us for other suggestions.

Is Overheating A Concern When Using A Thundershirt?

Except in extreme conditions (e.g. 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun), overheating is not typically a concern when using a ThunderShirt. Dogs cool themselves primarily through their mouths and paws, and a ThunderShirt is constructed of a thin, breathable fabric. But if you feel that overheating might be a problem for your particular circumstance, please monitor your dog for any signs of overheating such as heavy panting or tongue hanging out of the mouth. Remove the ThunderShirt if you see any signs of overheating.

What If I See Signs Of Discomfort Or Irritation With My Dog Or Cat When Wearing A Thundershirt?

Most dogs and cats love to wear ThunderShirts! When sized and put on properly, your dog or cat should be very comfortable wearing a ThunderShirt. Problems are very rare, but if you see any signs of skin irritation or physical discomfort, please discontinue use and contact us.

Safe, Simple Calming Solution

ThunderShirt features a patented design that applies gentle, constant pressure on your dog's torso. This helps calm him during stressful situations, similar to the way parents swaddle infants to make them feel secure. ThunderShirt helps million's of pets, with a better than 80% success rate.

Safe, Simple Calming Solution
ThunderShirt helps reduce anxiety

Problem Solved

ThunderShirt helps reduce anxiety caused by loud noises like fireworks or—as the name implies—thunder. But that's not all. This versatile solution can help dogs with separation and crate anxiety, and those who get nervous during car or air travel, vet or grooming visits, or when guests visit the house. It can even curb unwanted behaviors like leash pulling, barking, digging and scratching.

Size 'Em Up

ThunderShirt is designed to be easy to put on and easy to adjust for proper fit, even if your dog is already in a state of anxiety. So it only takes a few seconds to make him feel more safe and secure. Be sure to pick the right size for your pup for best results.



For dogs under 7 pounds



For dogs between 8-14 pounds



For dogs between 15-25 pounds



For dogs between 26-40 pounds



For dogs between 41-64 pounds



For dogs between 65-110 pounds



For dogs over 110 pounds

About ThunderWorks

ThunderWorks was founded by a doggy daddy whose panicky pup couldn't stand thunderstorms or fireworks. When all the vet had to offer were risky medications, Founder Phil Blizzard fashioned a people shirt to wrap around his dog, and ThunderShirt was born. Today, ThunderWorks is dedicated to providing simple, effective solutions with a range of products designed for the most common pet problems.

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