Chewy Insurance Services: Additional Terms and Conditions

Last updated: April 28, 2023

Unless otherwise indicated, these Chewy Insurance Services and Trupanion Managers, USA, Inc. Additional Terms and Conditions (“Additional Terms”) govern insurance services and information available on Please note that your use of the website is also governed by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as well as all other applicable terms, conditions, limitations, and requirements on the website, all of which (as changed over time) are incorporated into these Additional Terms. By requesting an insurance quote or enrolling in an insurance product, you accept these terms, conditions, limitations and requirements. Please read these Additional Terms carefully.

Chewy Insurance Services, LLC (“Chewy Insurance Services”), a Delaware limited liability company, is a licensed insurance producer and does not underwrite any insurance policy described on the Site.  Chewy Insurance Services and its affiliates are separate, independent, and distinct from Trupanion Managers, USA, Inc. and American Pet Insurance Company.   

The insurance services and information has been provided and developed by Chewy Insurance Services for general informational and educational purposes. Any content, tools, links and explanations are intended to provide you with decision support related to insurance. We do our best to ensure that this information is up-to-date and accurate. Any insurance policy premium quotes or ranges displayed are non-binding. The final insurance policy premium for any policy is determined by the underwriting insurance company.

Your use of certain insurance services may require you to agree to additional terms and conditions or enter into separate agreements with the applicable third-party insurance carriers. Any third-party insurance products purchased by you through the Site are subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable insurance carrier. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and the terms of any such third-party insurance carrier terms, the third-party insurance carrier terms will control.

Lemonade Terms of Service


Our Site includes, for your convenience, application and sign-up forms that simplify the insurance quote generation and sign-up process (the “Forms”). We grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to use the Forms for your own personal or internal business use. Except as otherwise provided, you acknowledge and agree that you have no right to create derivative works of, modify, reproduce, reverse engineer, enhance or in any way exploit any of the Forms, other than as permitted to complete the Forms for your own authorized use. You shall not alter or remove any copyright notice from the Forms. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you are licensed to download and print, for your personal records, electronic and physical copies of the Forms you produced through the Site. Any right not expressly granted in these Terms are reserved by us. The design, text, graphics and selection and arrangement of the Forms are copyright © Chewy, Inc. All rights reserved.

Third-Party Materials

As a part of the Site, you may have access to materials that are hosted by another party. You agree that it is impossible for us to monitor such materials and that you access these materials at your own risk. Any personal information you provide to a third-party will be processed consistent with the applicable third-party privacy policy.


If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or we have reasonable grounds to suspect that any information you provide is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, we have the right to suspend or terminate your Chewy Account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Site (or any portion thereof). You agree not to create a Chewy Account using a false identity or information, or on behalf of someone other than yourself. You agree that you shall not have more than one Chewy Account per platform at any given time. We reserve the right to delete or change any usernames or password at any time and for any reason upon notice to you. You agree not to create a Chewy Account or use the Site if you have been previously removed by Chewy, or if you have been previously banned from the Site. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, you acknowledge and agree that you shall have no ownership or other property interest in your Chewy Account, and you further acknowledge and agree that all rights in and to your Chewy Account are and shall forever be owned by and inure to the benefit of Chewy.

Our licenses/lines of authority

All solicitations to apply for insurance and applications for insurance are made through Chewy Insurance Services.  The Site is not a solicitation to sell insurance in any jurisdiction in which Chewy Insurance Services is not licensed.

  • Alabama - License #3001761263
  • Arizona – License #3001745136
  • Arkansas - License #3001750657
  • Colorado - License #731064
  • Connecticut - License #3001746123
  • Delaware - License #3001750675
  • Georgia - License #222606
  • Illinois - License #3001746124
  • Indiana - License #3763818
  • Iowa - License #3001750806
  • Kansas - License #3001746124
  • Kentucky - License #1182872
  • Louisiana - License #975549
  • Maine - License #AGN408932
  • Maryland - License #3001750678
  • Massachusetts - License #2127513
  • Michigan - License #136246
  • Minnesota - License #40794228
  • Mississippi - License #15042701
  • Missouri - License #3001769258
  • Montana - License #3001750705
  • Nebraska - License #3001750763
  • New Mexico - License #3001838482
  • New Hampshire - License #3001786803
  • New Jersey - License #3001750765
  • Nevada - License #3763221
  • New York - License #1720620
  • North Carolina - License #3001746144
  • North Dakota - License #3001750703
  • Ohio - License #1419238
  • Oklahoma - License #3001761315
  • Oregon - License #3001767275
  • Pennsylvania - License #1052290
  • Rhode Island - License #3001750751
  • South Carolina - License #3001746152
  • South Dakota - License #10029173
  • Tennessee - License #3001750827
  • Texas – License #2786963
  • Utah - License #907181
  • Virginia - License #153109
  • Washington DC (District of Columbia) - License # 3001761244
  • West Virginia - License #3001750906
  • Wisconsin - Designated Responsible Licensed Producer - #8654091
  • Wyoming - License #495224

Chewy Insurance Services: Privacy Notice

View / Download the Chewy Insurance Services Privacy Notice.

Trupanion: Additional Terms and Conditions

Parties to Consent; Trupanion Contacts

  • “We,” “us,” and “our,” means American Pet Insurance Company, Trupanion Managers, USA, Inc, and/or Chewy Insurance Services.
  • “American Pet Insurance Company” means the insurance company who underwrites the policies.
  • “Trupanion Managers, USA, Inc.” or “Trupanion” means Chewy Insurance Services’ pet insurance program partner.
  • “Chewy Insurance Services” means Chewy Insurance Services, LLC, a licensed insurance producer.
  • “You,” “your,” and “I,” means the named insured giving this consent.
  • “Trupanion Contact” means 1-888-401-8375.

Records and Products Subject to Consent

  • “Communications” means each insurance policy form and amendment, and all related documents, including, but not limited to, privacy policies, disclosures, notices, declaration pages, premium notices, notices of cancellation, non-binding insurance quote documents, claims documents, and any other record, document, or other information we provide to you, or that you sign, submit, or agree to at our request, during the course of our relationship, as permitted by law.
  • “Trupanion Product” means each and every product or service we offer that you apply for or obtain either now or in the future.
  • “Electronic Records” means the Communications we provide to you or that you sign or agree to at our request in electronic form.


Any person who knowingly and with intent to defraud any insurance company or other person files an application for insurance or statement of claim containing any materially false information or conceals for the purpose of misleading, information concerning any fact material thereto commits a fraudulent insurance act, which is a crime and subjects such person to criminal and civil penalties.

Transactional Text Messaging

By providing your mobile number, you are agreeing that Trupanion may use automated technology to call or text you at the number provided to notify you of information related to your Trupanion policy. If you have any questions, please call Trupanion at 1-888-401-8375. Please note, you are not required to provide a mobile number to sign up with Trupanion. Some wireless service providers charge additional fees for sending and receiving text messages.  You are responsible for any charges or fees that your wireless service provider may charge. Trupanion and Chewy are not responsible for undelivered messages due to carrier or plan configuration.

Trupanion Consent to use Electronic Records

Trupanion is providing you with the option to receive information electronically to facilitate communications between you and us. Trupanion may choose to continue to send some Communications to you in writing only, which may change as Trupanion continues to expand its electronic Communications capabilities. You are not required to consent to electronic delivery of Communications.  However, if you do consent, you can still request the option to receive some or all Communications from Trupanion in writing at no additional cost to you.

Method of Delivery 

If you consent, Trupanion may provide Communications to you as Electronic Records by sending them to you via email or by posting them to a secure website that you may access with a username and password, if available. Even if you provide consent to receive Electronic Records, Trupanion is not required to provide Communications to you electronically and may, at its discretion, provide Communications to you in non-electronic form. 

Effect of Consent

Your consent covers the Communications relating to the above specified Trupanion Product, and also applies to electronic signatures on Communications Trupanion provides to you and on documents Trupanion obtains from you as part of our transactions with you. From time to time, you may seek to obtain a new Trupanion Product from Trupanion. If you decide not to use Electronic Records and signatures in connection with the new product or service, your decision does not mean you have withdrawn this consent for any other Trupanion Product.

You must still provide notices to Trupanion in the form (paper, electronically, etc.) specified in the insurance policies and other contracts that Trupanion has in place with you unless Trupanion specifically notifies you of alternative methods of sending notices.

Even if you consent to receiving Electronic Records, there are certain Communications that Trupanion may not be permitted by law to deliver to you electronically. However, if the law changes in the future and permits any of those Communications to be delivered as Electronic Records, this Consent will automatically cover those Communications as well.

Method to Request Paper Copies 

If Trupanion provides Electronic Records to you, and you want a paper copy, you may request a paper version at no charge by contacting the Trupanion Contact noted above. Requesting a paper copy of a Communication is not considered a withdrawal of your consent to electronic delivery and does not change your election to continue to receive Communications electronically. You may also elect to receive delivery of the policy and all notices in paper copy, delivery of the policy electronically but notices in hard copy, or delivery of the policy and all notices electronically. 

Withdrawal of Consent 

This consent is effective unless and until you withdraw it. You may withdraw your consent to electronic delivery at any time by providing notice to the Trupanion Contact noted above, but your withdrawal will not affect or change in any way the legal effectiveness, validity or enforceability of any Electronic Records that were delivered to you before your withdrawal became effective. Withdrawal of your consent for electronic delivery will not become effective until a reasonable time after our receipt of your notice of withdrawal, not to exceed thirty (30) days or any time prescribed by state law applicable to your Trupanion Product. 

Contact Information; Updates

You must promptly notify Trupanion of any change in your email or other electronic address by contacting the Trupanion Contact noted above. You should be aware that, where permitted by law, Electronic Records may include notices of cancellation of the Trupanion Products, therefore, you should be diligent in updating your email address in the event it should change. Trupanion is not responsible for unauthorized access as a result of your failure to so notify Trupanion.

Hardware and Software Requirements

To receive, access and retain Electronic Records, you must have the following equipment and software:

  • You must have a computer or other device capable of accessing the Internet and an active email account. You must have a current version of software which permits you to receive and access Microsoft Word .docx files, Microsoft Excel .xlsx files, and Portable Document Format or “PDF” files, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader®. You will also need either a printer connected to your computer to print documents or sufficient storage space within your hardware or network or elsewhere to store Electronic Records. Trupanion is not responsible for errors or other issues as a result of any malfunction of your computer, Internet browser or software.
  • You must have an up to date version of an Internet web browser.

If our hardware or software requirements change, and that change would create a material risk that you would not be able to access or retain your Electronic Records, Trupanion will give you notice of the revised hardware or software requirements.


By providing your consent, you are also confirming that you have the hardware and software described above; that you are able to receive and review Electronic Records when provided to you on Trupanion’s secure website or via e-mail; that you can either print or electronically store these Communications; and that you have an active email account and will keep current all contact information for persons designated to receive and access Electronic Records.  You agree, and it is your intent, to sign this consent by electronic signature and to electronically submit this consent to Trupanion. You understand that signing and submitting this consent in this fashion is the legal equivalent of having placed your handwritten signature on the consent.

By opting in, you agree to receive notices electronically, the undersigned confirms that they are authorized to, and do, consent on behalf of the named insured for the above specified Trupanion Products.

Trupanion Privacy Policy Information

Download Trupanion's Privacy Policy.

Underwriting Disclosure

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ©2023 All Rights Reserved. This policy is sold and administered by Chewy Insurance Services, LLC, a licensed insurance producer (licenses available at, and Trupanion Managers USA, Inc. (“TMUI”) (licenses available at, and underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company (“APIC”), with its main office at 6100 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108 or Lemonade Insurance Agency, LLC (“LIA”) (licenses available here), and underwritten by Lemonade Insurance Company (“LIC”), with its main office at 5 Crosby Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10013.  TMUI, APIC, LIA, LIC and their respective affiliates are separate, independent of, and distinct from Chewy Insurance Services, LLC, and its affiliates.