Unscented Cat Litter

Pick a litter that’s easy on your kitty’s sensitive nose with one of the many Unscented Cat Litter options available on the Chewy site. Unscented cat litter works great for finicky cats, who often prefer a no-fragrance option to the persistent aroma of scented cat litter. Switching to unscented cat litter is always a good first move if your cat’s showing aversion to her cat litter boxes even after you’ve tried all the cat litter box cleaners designed to stop bad litter habits. You can find both clumping cat litter and non clumping cat litter in unscented versions, and there are many types of natural cat litter that come without fragrance, too. Cats with breathing issues usually do much better with unscented litter, and for them you’ll want to choose a dust-free cat litter option, as well. Chewy offers lots of different unscented varieties including flushable cat litter, lightweight cat litter and more. Whatever type of litter you and your cat ultimately choose, you’ll always find a great deal on all your cat supplies at Chewy’s online pet supplies store.

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