Bird Perches & Toys

Your favorite bird spends his entire life standing. He stands all day and he sleeps standing, too. The addition of perches to his habitat greatly enhances his overall experience. Bird perches not only provide standing room, but also serve for physical activities as well. Providing your bird with a variety of bird cage perches ensures that he will be comfortable, won't get bored and that he gets much needed exercise. The best bird perches and bird toys give fun, easy ways to help break up the monotony and add a little stimulation to your bird's daily life. Booda Large Comfy Bird Perch is a fun and colorful rope that gives your bird a comfortable place to perch. Each end easily attaches to a wire cage and the rope holds its shape. It's the prefect perch for Amazons and Cockatoos as well. JW Pet Swing N' Perch Bird Toy is a simple multi-colored swing and perch. The tightly woven rope ring is designed to soothe your pet bird's tender talons without the danger of wires or stiffeners. It's the perfect way to relieve boredom and a great place for your feathered friend to rest or swing, plus, it's machine washable. Polly's Pet Products Sand Walk Orthopedic Bird Perch is designed with random twists, turns and curves that force your bird to change his grip every time he moves. This works to gently file your pal’s nails without any effort on your part, and, because it makes his feet and leg muscles work a little harder, it helps keep them strong and healthy. Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy is made with all natural, high-quality materials, this colorful hanging toy is the perfect way to alleviate boredom and stress while brightening up your best pal’s surroundings. Hide tasty treats in any of the many spaces between the nips to encourage your bird to forage—keeping them entertained for hours. It's the perfect bird toy for Cockatiels and Parrots. Keep your feathered friend happy and healthy with as many toys and perches as his habitat can allow, without overcrowding, of course. Shop fun bird perches and bird toys here on Chewy and keep your special birdie singing.

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