Cat Carrier Backpacks

Traveling with your cat is inevitable. You can’t avoid travel forever, so you need more than just a basic cat kennel. Cat carriers make travel a little more comfortable for your feline friend. Cats love heights. They enjoy perching on top of everything from countertops to shelves so that they can survey their surroundings and hunt. They also enjoy privacy. That’s why your cat will love traveling in a cat carrier backpack. Nestled snug in your backpack, your cat will be able to take in views and feel at ease. Chewy has the perfect backpack cat carrier for cat lovers. The Pet Gear I-GO2 Traveler Backpack is also a rolling pet carrier, so you can decide the most comfortable way to transport your kitty. The JesPet Soft Backpack Pet Carrier is the perfect carrier for your feline friend. It’s easy to wear and comfortable for your cat. The panels provide ventilation and the large door allows easy access. The durable polyester makes it perfect for hiking, camping and airplane travel. A cat carrier backpack is one of the best cat travel accessories for pet parents on-the-go, but there are other options too. Chewy has a wide range of cat carrier bags to choose from for hands-free cat travel. There are cat carriers for car travel, plane travel and foot travel. If traveling by car, make sure your cat carrier can be positioned safely on a seat and secured with a seatbelt. Sometimes kitty wants to travel in luxury. Cat strollers are a comfortable way to take a stroll with your feline companion. Chewy has everything you need for your feline including cat collars which are also important for travel. Pets go missing every day, so it’s important your cat wears a collar while traveling. Find all the best cat supplies and more at Chewy’s online pet store today.

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