Ferret Beds & Hammocks

Your furry friend might be up for playing at any time with you, but he is actually an expert sleeper, snoozing up to 15 hours a day! Ferret beds and hammocks are a great way to keep him comfy while resting. In the wild, ferrets like to burrow, and these sleep spaces re-create that comforting, protected environment. They also add usable space to the ferret cage, which is particularly important because your ferret is relatively clean and would rather not sleep near his litter box.

Ferret hammocks are a fur-avorite and are designed to hang from the top of the cage, cradling him as he sleeps. Some cozy beds are made for hanging while others with sturdy bottoms can be placed on the floor. Nap sacks are another great choice for hanging bedding and often feature a cozy fleece lining. Some beds even double as entertainment, like the Ware Crinkle Hang-N-Tunnel Small Animal Sleeper that makes a fun noise as he snuggles up for a snooze.

Your furbaby enjoys having choices, and you should consider providing a minimum of two sleep spaces. So, if you have two furbabies, we recommend having at least three ferret beds and hammocks in the cage. When deciding which bed is right for your furbaby, choose one that’s easy to clean and made with sturdy fabric and stitching, with safe hardware. It’s particularly helpful to pick ones that are machine washable!

There are many other things you’ll want to have in a ferret cage. Necessities include ferret food, ferret bedding, ferret hideouts and ferret toys. And when it’s time for your ferret to come out of the cage to play, ferret playpens and ferret harnesses and carriers help keep him safe. Shop Chewy 24/7 for all the ferret supplies like ferret beds and hammocks you need to help your fur-iend live a happy and healthy life!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do ferrets like to sleep in?

Ferrets like to sleep in beds, hammocks and nap sacks. All provide a cozy, secure place to snooze off the floor. You’ll find some open-top options like the Marshall Hanging Nap Sack Ferret Hammock and little tents that provide extra security. Chewy offers a variety of ferret hammocks for sale and more sleep spaces so you can find the paw-fect one for your friend.

Do ferrets need blankets?

Ferrets don’t need blankets, but they like to have options for where they sleep and blankets are another great choice. While they aren’t necessary if you have enough other sleep spaces, blankets help make the cage cozier and are great snoozing spots. Plus, they tend to be easy to clean. You can even have one available for him when he’s out of his cage and playing.

Why do ferrets sleep in hammocks?

Ferrets sleep in hammocks because they cradle your buddy’s body. Your ferret is particularly sensitive to heat, and hammocks provide that paw-fect, snug place to rest. Some are made for one buddy, while other accommodate two, like the Niteangel Luxury Double Bunkbed Hammock. Hammocks are also great for his cage because they add more usable space and can be used to climb to another level or toy.

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