Training Dog Prong & Chain Collars

Some dog breeds are happy to walk down the street comfortably by your side. Others like to surge ahead, which can result in their owner being pulled down the street. Walking a dog who pulls at the leash can be dangerous for both dog and owner, and if you are using a standard dog leash and dog collar, your pup might strain to pick up food scraps or dart into traffic.

There are many dog training products that can help a dog owner to gain better control of their pet. A prong collar, for instance, sits high on the back of a dog’s neck and provides a gentle correction in the event that he surges forward. It can be a beneficial dog collar for controlling a stronger dog who is not yet leash trained. Dog slip collars can also help in the same way.

The Hamilton prong training slip collar uses hardware that has been tested for strength and durability and is effective for helping to teach a pup not to lurch forward or pull while walking on a leash. The Mighty Paw martingale dog collar is designed to tighten under tension, just enough to provide a gentle means of correcting leash pulling. And for those looking for more of a complete dog training solution, The Perfect Dog Fast Results Training Kit, which was designed by a master dog trainer, comes with training leads, instructional DVDs and a designated command collar.

Training a dog takes some patience, but using the right tools can help you to troubleshoot certain behaviors. Shop Chewy for your dog supplies and the best prong training collars plus other pet supplies to make owning and training your dog easy.

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