Hamster Chew Toys

Keep your hamster's teeth healthy and combat cage boredom by always having lots of hamster chew toys on hand. Chewy has lots of great hamster chew toys for sale, including hanging toys, chew sticks, hamster teething toy treat dispensers and more. Here are few things to know about choosing the right pet hamster toys for your little buddy.

The best hamster chew toys will be made of non-toxic materials and have tooth-friendly textures and enough variety to keep your hamster interested. Toys made of wood, sisal, rope or grass are a great natural choice and will help keep your hamster's teeth clean and trim. Toys that hang from the cage work well for hamsters, but balls, blocks and even chewable hideaways are terrific choices, as well. You can also find mineral chew toys made from lava rock to help work those chompers out.

Wood sticks made of apple or other tasty woods make great chewable hamster toys and are very affordable, too. You can also make DIY chew toys for your pet using old cardboard boxes, paper towel or toilet paper tubes. Just be sure that any repurposed items don't have small pieces that could be choking hazards or any paints or glues that could cause your hamster harm. Sticking to natural, simple materials is usually best.

Kabob-style and ball toys that let you fill them with hamster treats are a great way to combat boredom and win your hamster's attention. You can also find hamster wheels and balls made of chew-friendly materials like wood sticks as well as wood ladders and climbing blocks to put in your hamster habitats and playpens. Chewy carries all the hamster supplies you need to keep your furry friend entertained and chewing like a champ. Shop our great selection of hamster chew toys and get everything you need for healthy teeth and a happy hamster!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hamster Chew Toys

Do Hamsters need chew toys?

Hamsters need chew toys to keep their constantly growing teeth properly filed and healthy. Include a variety of chewable items in your hamster cages and play areas and switch them out frequently for variety. You can even find cage accessories like hideouts, mats, wheels and ramps made from chewable materials that do double duty in the habitat. Experiment with different options to see what your hamster likes to chew best.

What are good hamster chew toys?

Good hamster chew toys include wooden toys, natural wood tree sticks, toys made of grass and rope and mineral blocks. Dangling toys that attach to the cage are usually a hit with hamsters, too, as are rolling balls and wheel-shaped toys.

How do I get my hamster to chew on toys?

Get your hamster to chew on toys by providing a mix of interesting textures, shapes and tastes to attract his attention. Chew sticks made of tasty applewood will usually attract even picky hamsters, as will treat-dispensing toys like kabobs, treat balls and forage pots. Try switching things up with different types of toys to see what your hamster prefers to chew. Some hamsters will chew on anything, while others are quite picky about what they'll sink their teeth into!