Dog Dryers

Dogs don’t look their best when they’re wet, and some pups might not in the best mood after a bath. There are many wonderful things about being a pet parent, but washing your dog isn’t always one of those things. Think of having a wet dog on the loose, jumping up onto beds and sofas with their wet paws and fur without a dog furniture cover. So it’s important to get them dry quickly and efficiently. That’s why a proper dog grooming supplies and a good dog dryer are a necessity. If you’re going to groom and bathe your dog at home, you might want to consider investing in a dog grooming dryer like the ones made by Flying Pig Grooming dog dryer. The Flying Pig Grooming High Velocity dog grooming dryer is a professional-grade, portable dryer that cuts drying time by 60 percent, thanks to a four-horsepower motor. It makes hair drying go faster, so your pet can get back to his regular routine and forget that bath ever happened. Plus, you can customize the hair drying experience with multiple air speeds and dual heat settings. If your canine is a smaller breed, consider the Andis QD-1 Quiet Aire pet dryer. This compact dog blow dryer is small and quiet, perfect for fearful pups. If you can’t make bath time enjoyable for your pet, you can still help reduce drying time with dog dryers from Chewy where we have the best pet supplies and dog supplies.

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