Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

Freeze dried raw dog food is just one way to incorporate raw dog food into your dog’s diet. Why raw dog food? Racing and sledding dogs have been eating raw dog food for years. The raw dog food diet has been growing in popularity, with new followers every day. Proponents of raw dog food believe it contributes to a healthier coat, better skin, cleaner teeth, more energy and smaller poops. Traditional raw dog food diets consist of muscle meat, whole or ground bones, organ meats, raw eggs, vegetables, fruits and some dairy like yogurt. Raw dog food isn’t easy to prepare, so many pet parents look for alternatives like raw dry dog food. Freeze dried raw dog food is another convenient way to feed your dog raw foods. What is freeze dried raw dog food? It’s raw dog food that is lightly processed, so it stores longer than kibble. Most freeze-dried diets contain three to five percent moisture, preventing spoilage or rancidity for much longer than other types of dog food. You’ll find the best freeze dried raw dog food at like Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried chicken patties. In addition to freeze dried raw dog food, other alternatives like frozen raw dog food make it easy for pet parents on-the-go. Feeding your dog human grade dog food isn’t always easy. If you’re traveling or leaving your dog with a sitter, you can use alternatives like raw dog food toppers. If you’re not ready to commit to a raw dog food diet, you can start by feeding your pup raw dog treats to slowly incorporate raw foods into their diet. If your canine needs additional nutrients, but you’re not ready to feed them raw foods, prescription dog food can provide the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to reach optimal health. For example, Royal Canin Veterinary Diet gastrointestinal low fat dog food can help tackle your dog’s digestive issues while preventing weight gain. Whether you’re looking for freeze dried raw dog food or delicious raw dog treats, find the best dog supplies at

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