Dog Sofa & Furniture Covers

Whether you're a kid, a tiny Chihuahua or a massive St. Bernard, cuddling up with a soft blanket is always comforting. Pet blankets are made with snuggly materials that make dogs feel safe and secure and keep them warm when it's chilly. They make your pet's bed even more appealing for a nice, long snooze, day or night. And, there's also soft, cuddly pet furniture covers that will bring comfort to your pet and protect your cushions from normal wear and tear. Chewy has plenty of puppy blankets and dog blankets that your pooch can burrow under and wrap himself up in. If you're going on vacation with your pet, or even to the vet's office, dog blankets can have a calming effect and help your pup feel reassured in unfamiliar surroundings. Choose from interesting dog-inspired patterns and several different colors when you're shopping for new pet blankets. Puppy blankets help ease a newly weaned puppy's separation anxiety and give him comfort when you have to be away from the house. Some puppy blankets even have dog squeaky toys attached for biting and playing. Senior dogs can also find solace in one of our nice, cozy fleece dog blankets. If you have a breed that tends to shed a lot, dog blankets and pet furniture covers can provide a barrier between loose fur and the sofa. The FurHaven Water-Resistant Reversible Sofa Protector is coated for water resistance and made using thread-free pinsonic quilting technology to ensure nothing sneaks through to your couch! Give your pet his own area on the couch or in his favorite chair and spread out his doggie blanket or lay out a pet furniture cover to keep him comfy in his personal spot with a Frisco Sherpa Dog Blanket. There's nothing better than having a soft blanket to run to and sleep on, especially if you're a dog. Take a look around to see the variety of pet blankets and dog beds we offer and pick out one that your pooch will love. Shop Chewy for the best pet products and dog supplies online.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Sofa & Furniture Covers

What is the best sofa cover for dog owners?

The best sofa cover for dog owners will be comfortable for canines and protect furniture from hair, dirt and moisture. A great furniture cover will blend right into your décor, and many look like stylish throws but feature durable, dog-proof designs. Water-resistance is a good feature for a dog furniture cover, and people with older or incontinent pets may want to get one that’s fully waterproof, as well. Look for machine-washable covers for easy cleanup and care.

Are dog furniture and sofa covers water-resistant?

Many dog furniture covers are water resistant, but check the package and read reviews before you buy to be sure.

What is the best couch covers for dogs?

The best couch cover for dogs will be comfortable and provide protection from dog hair, dirt and moisture. A good couch cover should fit over your couch easily and feature durable, doggie-proof construction. Look for a machine-washable cover that’s waterproof or water-resistant for better protection and easy cleanup and care.

How often should I change my dog sofa cover?

Change your dog sofa or furniture cover whenever it starts to look worn or if it has lost its water-resistance, softness, or protective integrity. You should wash your dog sofa covers regularly to keep it clean and hygienic for your family. Machine washable covers make cleaning simple and easy.

How do you clean dog sofa covers?

Clean your dog couch covers according to the manufacturer’s directions. Many dog couch covers are made to be machine washable, so you can simply throw them in the washer for easy cleaning. Others may need to be hand washed or spot cleaned, so read the care instructions carefully before you buy.