Dog Hair Removal & Lint Rollers

Dogs naturally lose old or damaged hair through shedding or a dog brush. But this natural process can leave a pretty big mess in your home. The amount and frequency at which your dog sheds can depend on their health and breed type, or even the time of year. Some dogs develop thicker coats in the winter, and then shed them during the spring. You can reduce the amount of hair in your home by brushing your dog’s coat regularly. You’ll find dog grooming products on Chewy that can reduce shedding. For all the hair you don’t catch with grooming, there are pet hair removal tools and lint rollers. Pet hair can make clothing look unwashed, and it can weave its way into your clothing and remain despite repeat washes. You’ll find pet hair magnets and lint rollers on Chewy from brands like Evercare Pet Plus hair roller and Petmate. The Evercare Pet Plus Extreme Stick is a pet lint roller that features extreme-stick tape that removes fur and lint quickly and easily. Remove pet hair from carpeting, upholstery, blankets, car seats and clothing with the Petmate Pet Hair Magnet. The rubber blade works to catch and pull out loose pet hair that’s deeply woven into fabrics. Simply rinse it with water to clean after use. When it comes to cleaning up pet hair around your home, try the FURemover pet hair removal broom that uses soft rubber bristles to collect hair. For large surfaces, consider Evercare Pet Plus Mega Extreme Stick. It features a ten-inch-wide surface covered with sticky tape that removes fur and lint quickly and easily. It also removes ticks from fabric to help prevent the spread and infestation of pests. When it’s time for a lint roller refill, visit Chewy for replacements. Get rid of lose pet hair from your clothing and furnishings with pet hair remover products from Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog products.

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