Dog Lift Harnesses

Dogs who have physical ailments such as knee hip or back injuries will need a little extra assistance getting around. This is also the case for aging dogs who develop conditions like arthritis or have degenerative diseases. These dogs will need help getting around the house, going to an outdoors potty area, and getting up and down the stairs. Thus, they could benefit greatly from a dog support harness or dog ramps. These dog harnesses allow a dog’s owner a quick and easy way to provide everyday assistance to their pets. Dog support harnesses typically fit around a dog’s belly near the hips, and they have handles that help you stabilize and lift your pet.

Chewy offers a variety of dog support harnesses designed to offer your four-legged friend the extra support that he may need. These products come in a variety of sizes and are designed for specific functions. They can provide assistance with a front or rear leg injury, allow you to give an injured pup a quick boost, or help you stabilize your dog while transporting him. The GingerLead Support and Rehabilitation tall breed male dog lifting harness, for instance, is recommended by veterinarians and used in animal clinics as a means of assisting tall, lean dogs such as Greyhounds who have weak hind legs. There are also harnesses on the market that can be temporarily used to help a dog who is recovering from an injury or surgery. The Outward Hound PupBoost lift harness has a wide closure that secures around a dog’s belly, and it includes a handle on the top for helping dogs in and out of the car or up or down a flight of stairs. And the HandicappedPets front lift combo dog harness is specifically designed to support and stabilize a dog’s front legs while walking.

Many of these harnesses attach to a dog leash or dog collar and can greatly benefit the life of a handicapped dog. For the best handicapped dog products, dog supplies and pet products shop Chewy.

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