Rat Harnesses & Carriers

For those times when you want or need to take your rat on an outing, you may consider getting gear like rat harnesses and leashes or rat carrier bags or cages to aid the process. Chewy has several great rat travel carriers and other supplies to help make getting out of the house as safe and easy as possible for your pet.

Walking your rat on a leash in parks or busy areas can be dangerous and may scare your rat, so consider limiting these outings to safe backyard areas or secluded spaces. You’ll need to find a rat harness that’s small enough to fit snugly and choose one with fuzzy fasteners instead of buckles to avoid pinches and injury. Make sure to secure it properly and attach it to a very light rat leash, as heavier leashes can injure or stress rats. The best rat leashes and harnesses will feature a stretchy leash material and a vest or h-shaped harness for the comfort and safety of your rat. Be sure to keep a close eye on your rat while walking, and don’t ever walk too fast or pull the leash.

A great way to bring your rat wherever he needs to go, whether to the vet or on an outing, is to use a small animal travel carrier. Look for a rat carrier with adequate ventilation, escape-proof design and sturdy construction. You can find several appropriately sized carriers on our site, and some have cool features like lids that pop open for easy access or a familiar cage-style design to make your rat feel more at home on longer trips.

Putting familiar items in the carrier like a favorite bed, rat toys, rat food and rat treats will make your rat feel more comfortable on trips. Avoid putting a water bottle in there during transit to prevent leaks, but carry water with you and give it when you stop. You can also try putting a little clean rat bedding from your buddy’s cage in the carrier to provide a familiar scent. Some rat cages are small and portable enough to be taken on trips, too, so consider taking a familiar habitat along instead of a carrier to help your rat feel more at ease on long journeys.

You can find all the rat supplies you need for travel and other outings at Chewy.com. Shop our site for rat harnesses and leashes, carriers and more and find all the best travel gear for your pet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you travel with your rat?

You can travel with your rat, but you’ll need to find a suitable rat carrier and carry food, a water supply and other comforts along with you. Stop regularly to give your rat water and attention, and put a hideout or bed and a place for him to potty (or an absorbent material like bedding) in the carrier with him, too. Always consult with your vet before taking a trip with your rat and be careful to monitor him for signs of distress or overheating while you travel.

What do you put in a pet rat carrier?

Put a favorite hideout, bed or blanket in the pet rat carrier, some food or treats in case he gets hungry, and either a litter box or absorbent bedding for bathroom purposes. Toys and chew toys may help keep your rat calm and occupied on trips, too. Avoid putting a water bottle in there to avoid leaks that may dampen the carrier—give water during rest stops instead.

Can I walk my rat on a leash?

You can walk your rat on a leash, but many rats won’t respond well to being in a harness or to going outside. If you do decide to walk your rat, be sure to get a snug-fitting rat harness and stretchy leash and use extreme caution on outings. A possibly better and less stressful way to take your rat with you is to use a rat carrier, which will provide safety and security for your rat and peace of mind for you.

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