Aquarium Light Timers & Mounts

If your lighting system doesn’t have a timer included with it, we’ve got aquarium accessories to make sure you and your fish are all set. We offer a wide range of aquarium supplies that time your light settings for you so your fish benefit from ideal fish tank lighting. One timer and power strip combo that we have is the Zoo Med AquaSun Aquarium Controller Timer & Power Strip. It provides a 24-hour programmable lighting timer that automatically turns your aquarium lights on and off for you. This particular product also includes a power strip, with four timer-controlled outlets and four continuous power outlets. The four additional outlets make taking care of your aquarium lighting that much easier. There’s also the Coralife Power Center Day Night Timer, which has two daytime and nighttime outlets as well as four additional ones for other aquarium accessories. This product has seven time cycle settings and is a 24-hour timer with 15-minute interval settings. The Current USA Single Ramp Timer for Aquariums is a great tool to introduce light to your fish in a calming and stimulating way. It’s a 24-hour LED timer that presents the bright LED light to your fish slowly and replicates natural everyday light. Gradually increasing and decreasing the light is with these types of aquarium accessories can reduce stress and makes for happier and healthier fish. Adding a lighting timer as one of your aquarium supplies is important for keeping the proper light schedule in your tank.

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