Natural Dog Chews

Chewy offers a variety of natural chews that are safe and healthy for your canine's consumption. Dog bones and natural dog chews are an important part of your precious pup's overall oral health. Natural dog chews are a great way to help keep your dog's teeth clean and sharp, and can be an excellent source of additional nutrients for the doggie diet. Bones and natural dog chews tend to be loaded with wholesome ingredients that you can trust with flavors your dog will love. There are a wide range of dog chews available on the market, but Chewy features the best natural chews brands like USA Bones & Chews dog bones, Ferrera Farms dog bones, Barkworthies dog bones and Redbarn dog bones. Pet parents have quite a selection of natural chews to choose from including dog antler chews, bully sticks and pig ears for dogs. To pick the perfect natural dog chews for your picky pup, consider factors like dog treat size and consistency. Remember, the bigger the bowwow the bigger the chew. USA Bones & Chews are made in the USA, which mean they pass strict FDA guidelines for safe dog chews. Bully sticks are considered healthy dog chews because they're made of 100% beef and great for your doggie's digestive track. Not to mention their texture's great for cleaning plaque away from canine teeth. Bully sticks come in braids and knots as well, for even more chew-time fun. Natural pig ears are another great natural doggie treat because they're 100% digestible, high in protein and low in fat. The best chews for dogs are free of preservatives, growth hormones and steroids. Other natural chew types include cow hooves, roasted pressed bones, pig skin, cow ears and buffalo lungs. Natural dog chews also come in a variety of flavors including smoked, bacon flavored dog bones, peanut butter flavored dog bones, beef flavored dog bones and cheese. When it comes to natural chews there's something for every puppy palate at Chewy's online pet store.

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