Dog Plastic Pens

You never know what your mischievous furbaby is going to get herself into when you turn your back, so you can keep her safely in the same place when you use a plastic dog pen. Plastic dog playpens are fur-avorites for puppy parents because they are durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

You’ll find a variety of plastic exercise pens for dogs at Chewy. Many feature doors so your pal can easily get in and out. You can also choose between different numbers of panels. To decide which is best for you, consider who will be occupying the space and if you’d like to be able to customize the shape. For example, if you’re dealing with new puppies or your petite pup, you won’t need as much space and might not even require a door. For your gentle giant, you will probably prefer a plastic dog pen with doors so you don’t need to lift him up to secure him inside.

Plastic pens might be sturdy, but many are designed to store easily. Some are collapsible while others have panels you can take apart. They often store and transport in a manageable size so you can fit yours in your trunk when you are bringing your foster pooch to the adoption event or whenever you want to move your playpen from indoors to the backyard.

If you’d like to customize the space even more, some pens allow you to add dog pen panels. Or if you’d like to consider other dog pen options, you might discover that wire dog pens or soft sided dog pens are better for your family. When you’re looking for other solutions to keep her contained, explore your options for dog crates and dog gates. Whatever dog supplies you need to help keep your pal safe and happy, you can find it on Why not check out your plastic dog pen options today?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can dogs chew through plastic dog pens?

Some dogs can chew through plastic dog pens and some dogs never even attempt it. Plastic dog pens are probably better suited for fur-iends who are small or who aren’t avid chewers. Consider if your pal tears apart toys quickly or if you have found her munching through your plastic belongings. For many dogs, a plastic cage should be okay. But when you have a chewer, a more heavy-duty option like a wire dog pen might be a better choice.

Are plastic dog pens collapsible?

All the plastic dog pens you’ll see on feature a collapsible or foldable element. This is incredibly important for your pen because it makes it easy to store and transport. Some have panels that separate for storage and creating a customizable size. Others fold neatly to store more easily in the closet, garage or car trunk. Check the features of the plastic dog exercise pens on Chewy to see how to store your pup’s new digs.

Can you use plastic dog pens indoors?

Plastic dog pens can be used indoors and outdoors. Many feature non-skid rubber feet to protect your floors and prevent the playpen from moving around. Thanks to the lighter-weight plastic construction, these dog pens tend to be extra portable so you can take them inside and out. They’re great for everything from picnics outside to secure play while you’re folding laundry or having dinner.

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