Dog Soft-Sided Pens

You know your paw-tner is going to be exactly where you leave her and be able to stay out of trouble when you pop up your soft-sided dog pen. It’s paw-fect for when you want to fold laundry, you’re going on a picnic in the park or if she’s heading to Grandma’s house for a sleepover. Your pup can stay put without the need for her bulky crate or a leash.

Soft dog pens tend to be fur-avorites of dog parents because of how easily they set up and store. They are lightweight and simply pop open and fold flat for storage so you can keep one in the trunk of your car or in the closet until you need it next. Plus, with soft bottoms, you won’t need to worry about scratches on your hardwood flooring. While soft-sided dog playpens are grr-eat for many dogs, they probably aren’t the best choice for your avid chewer or rough-and-tumble player.

There are many options for your soft exercise dog pen. Many feature a zip-up door to easily get her in and out. Some have open tops while others are fully enclosed to provide shade and protection from the sun. Whatever you choose, you can feel confident knowing there is plenty of ventilation with mesh windows or walls.

However you’d like to keep your furbaby secure when you’re not around, you can find a solution at Chewy. We offer many dog pens, like plastic dog pens and wire dog pens, that are better suited for multiple pups or your more-active pal. If you’d like to customize the size of her playpen, you can get dog pen panels to make it work for your space. Plus, we offer other ways to keep her contained like dog crates and dog gates. And when you have other things on your doggy shopping list, you can explore our dog supplies to find everything you need—and some things that are just too cute or fun to pass up! Whether you are staying home or heading out, you can keep your furbaby secure and contained in her soft-sided dog playpen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can dogs chew through soft-sided dog pens?

Some dogs can chew through soft-sided dog pens, so they are recommended for tinier friends and those who aren’t avid chewers. If your pal tends to chew through toys or your belongings quickly, it may not be the right choice. Also, consider if she is more destructive when you aren’t there with her. When you need a more heavy-duty option, a wire dog pen could be the right choice.

Are soft dog pens collapsible?

All soft dog pens are collapsible. They feature a pop-up design, and collapse and fold for easy storage and transport. Many come with a bag or cover to keep them folded between use. When collapsed, they become very compact and are the paw-fect size for carrying to the park, storing in the closet, or keeping in the trunk of the car.

Can you use soft sided dog pens indoors?

Yes, you can use soft-sided dog pens indoors. In fact, they’re paw-fect for inside use because their soft design is less likely to scratch your floors or walls! In an easy pop-up design, you can store these pens nearly anywhere inside and set one up in a snap. Plus, they’re also often suitable for outdoor use so you can take a soft dog pen along with you wherever you go.

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