Dog Poop Bags & Scoopers

Let’s face it, we love our pets and would do anything for them, even when it comes to cleaning up their not-so-lovables. Chewy offers various options in pet waste bags and dog pooper scoopers to speed up cleaning and make more time for the things you do love – like puppy cuddles and belly scratching. Eco-friendly Flush Puppies Wallet Style Flushable & Certified Compostable Doodie Bags for Dogs offer a method of disposing your dog's messes without needing to use a landfill-bound plastic bag. Made of 100% compostable materials, these doggie waste bags can be flushed down your home toilet (yes, really!) to disintegrate in the water or can be tossed in the trash to naturally break down. These poop bags for dogs will keep your pup’s tail wagging and Mother Nature smiling. Dog poop scoopers allow us to take a little more “ick” out of the clean-up. Nature’s Miracle Jaw Dog Poop Scooper saves you the hassle of bending down to clean up your dog’s mess by reaching down to grab his waste while keeping your hands-and nose-away from the mess. The specially designed antimicrobial coating makes this waste scooper easy to clean and use while keeping it odor-free.

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