Dog Rawhide Bones & Treats

Dogs have a natural desire to chew, so it's a good idea to introduce them to chew-worthy rawhide dog bones before they find something else around the house to gnaw on. It's never too late - from puppies to senior companions, all dogs can appreciate a nice, tasty rawhide dog chew. On Chewy's site, you'll find tons of options in different shapes, sizes and even exciting flavor combos that mix traditional rawhide treats with dog treat favorites like beef rawhide dog bones, chicken rawhide dog bones or peanut butter rawhide dog bones. We've come a long way in the choices available for rawhide for dogs. Nowadays, you'll find the popular rawhide dog bones alongside new shapes like twists, braids, kabobs, skewers, pretzels, chips, rings and even pressed rawhide that's coated or wrapped with chicken and other ingredients. Busy Buddy rawhide ring treats are popular treats that are made to fit Busy Buddy dog toys for twice the fun. Whether you're shopping for a tiny lapdog with a big bite or adult Mastiff that nibbles, Chewy has rawhide for every chewer. Many rawhide natural dog chews are completely natural with only rawhide and sometimes another ingredient like pork rawhide dog bones or chicken. There are also rawhide chews that are vet recommended and 99% digestible, like the entire line of Digest-eeze, which are treated with enzymes to improve digestibility. Chasing Our Tails dog rawhide bones Dingo rawhide dog chews are made of delicious rawhide wrapped around real meat. Aside from the flavor, rawhide dog chews boast dental benefits for your dog. They work out the jaw, relieving tension and satisfying your dog's instinctual chewing needs. They're especially great for dogs with separation anxiety. Rawhide can help your pup's dental hygiene as the chewing action helps reduce tartar buildup. It also produces saliva that fights bacteria in your pup's mouth. Dingo's Dental Sticks are proven to remove plaque and help control tartar, and their Dental Spirals keep your dog's breath fresh with parsley and peppermint. As you're searching Chewy's site for the best rawhide for dogs, consider trying several options to see which your dog likes most. Rawhide dog bones and chews make the best doggie pacifiers because they give dogs a suitable chewing outlet (and they save your shoes from being torn up). They're long-lasting treats that also have many dental health benefits. Put a couple in your cart for your next order as a special surprise for your favorite canine friend. Find this and more on Chewy's online pet store!

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