Rabbit Toys

Keeping your bunny happy inside and outside of her cage means always having lots of rabbit toys around for her to play with. Chewy carries all the best rabbit toys to keep things hopping for your favorite bunny, including pet rabbit chew toys, balls, dangling toys, activity centers, treat toys and more. No bunny ever needs to get bored with all these great choices!

When choosing bunny toys, make sure to get only toys made of safe, non-toxic material since bunnies usually chew their toys. Toys made of grass, wood, cardboard and rope are all good choices, but there are some sturdy plastic toys that are safe for bunnies, too. Tasty toys made specifically for chewing like applewood sticks and those made of timothy hay will interest your bunny, too.

You can use household items to get your bunny playing, as well. Try making playhouses out of cardboard boxes or paper bags for your rabbit or fill a wicker basket with shredded paper or straw for fun digging. Balls and other things that roll work well for bunnies, and cardboard tubes are fun to push around and chew.

There are also cool rabbit hideouts and beds your bunny can use to play hide and seek, and portable rabbit playpens that let your bunny play safely indoors or out. You can even find cool hanging toys and balls that dispense rabbit treats or rabbit food to keep things exciting. Chewy has all the rabbit supplies you need to make your rabbit cages and playpens fun for your bunny. Shop our great selection of rabbit toys and get started creating a stimulating new environment for your hoppy friend!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do rabbits need toys?

Rabbits need toys and absolutely love them, as they are very playful by nature. Provide your bunny with a variety of toys both inside her rabbit hutch and out of it, and schedule play time outside the cage whenever possible. Hiding treats in toys is also a great way to get your bunny interested and curious, as well. A stimulated bunny will be a happy bunny, so try to vary the toys you provide and play one on one with your rabbit if you can.

What kind of toys do rabbits like to play with?

Rabbits like to play with ball toys, dangling toys, wood/rope hybrid toys, and cardboard boxes and tubes, too. Toys rabbits can safely chew are always a good idea, and toys that dispense treats will usually engage even the shyest bunnies. Choose toys that will stimulate your bunny mentally and physically if possible—activity centers work well for this and will keep your pet from getting bored. Remember to switch out the toys you give your rabbit, so he won’t tire of them and offer a variety of toys to suit his different play moods.

How do I keep my rabbit entertained?

Keep your rabbit entertained by offering lots of different types of toys and activities both inside and outside the cage. You should try to schedule daily playtime outside the cage and keep your bunny engaged by interacting with him whenever possible. A bunny playpen provides a safe way for your rabbit to play outside the cage either indoors or out, or you can let your bunny have the run of the house when you’re there to keep an eye on him. Try setting up cardboard boxes to make play areas outside the cage, too—your bunny will love playing hide and seek in them!

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