Hamster Toys

Your favorite fluffball is in for a fun time when you keep her entertained with hamster toys. The best hamster toys give your fur-iend a chance to exercise and support her natural behaviors. There are so many to choose from!

Hamster wheels, balls & tunnels provide great outlets for exercise. Wheels are just like a treadmill and can be kept in her cage for her to run around and around. You’ll discover wire-slat treadmills and those with a solid bottom. Some are quieter than others—important because your hammy is nocturnal and will likely be exercising in the middle of the night. Tunnels are another important addition to her cage because they are fun to race through and they provide a nice hiding spot to help her feel secure. When it’s time for her to exercise outside of her cage, a hamster ball can keep her safe and out of trouble.

Hamsters’ teeth grow continuously throughout their lives, so they need to chew to keep them the right length. You can satisfy her instinct to chew and help keep her teeth healthy with hamster chew toys. Chewy knows cool hamster cage toys are a great way to help your buddy have a happy and fulfilling life, and that’s why we offer a variety of hamster toys for sale.

There are even more fun hamster supplies to discover! Before you bring her home, it’s important to choose from a variety of hamster cages so she has a safe place to call her own. You can make it extra cozy with hamster bedding. She’ll need special hamster food to ensure she gets the nourishment she requires to keep up her playful energy. You can also reward her with hamster treats and use them to build trust. Plus, if your furbaby is set to be your travel companion, you can keep her safe in hamster carriers and harnesses. Shop Chewy 24/7 for cool hamster toys and more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I keep my hamster entertained?

You can keep your hamster entertained with toys, hamster wheels, tunnels and balls. Many wheels remain quiet when in use, which is great because these models allow her to run around and around without the squeak from some other wheels. Tunnels provide a great place for both hiding and playing. And, when she’s ready to run around outside her cage, you can put her inside a run-about plastic ball so she stays safe while exercising.

Do hamsters need chew toys?

Yes, hamsters need chew toys. Hamsters’ teeth grow continuously throughout their life, so your furball needs to keep them nice and trimmed. She does this naturally by chewing—hamster chew toys will help support optimal tooth health for your pet. Many hamster chew toys are made of all-natural wood, so you can feel good about how she’s playing and taking care of her teeth.

What kind of toys do hamsters like?

Hamsters like toys that can help them expend energy, chew and feel safe. Hamster chew toys are a must-have because they help keep your fur-iend’s teeth in tip-top shape and they provide a safe outlet for her need to nibble. You’ll discover that some chewy toys dangle from the cage bars while others can be placed right on the bottom of her cage. Also, hamster wheels, tunnels and balls provide safe outlets for exercising in and out of her cage.

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