Chinchilla Toys

Your pint-sized pal is as entertaining as can be, and you can help her stay busy and happy by filling her cage with a variety of chinchilla toys. The best chinchilla toys are the ones that stimulate her mentally and physically.

Like many rodent fur-iends, your chin’s teeth grow continuously throughout her life, so she needs chinchilla chew toys to help her file down her chompers. And because your furbaby is a chewer, it’s important to choose chinchilla safe toys. Stay away from plastic and fabrics, and look for toys made from safe woods like pear, willow and hazelnut.

There are other ways to keep her entertained! Some people add chinchilla wheels, tunnels and balls to her cage. When choosing from chinchilla exercise wheels, remember your chin’s wheel needs to be bigger than ones for smaller friends. Also, it should have a solid bottom instead of mesh so her toes don’t get stuck. Because she likes to jump and climb around her cage, consider climbing branches, ledges and ladders. They also love chinchilla chew toys. Of course, she’s not always active, so chinchilla hideouts and hammocks provide passive entertainment that also helps her feel safe while snoozing.

There are more chinchilla supplies that you’ll need to help her live a happy and healthy life. For chinchilla food, you’ll need complete pellets and an endless supply of loose hay. Chinchilla treats are great in moderation and help you gain her trust and train her. In addition to a chinchilla habitat, you might want a chinchilla playpen so she has a safe place to play when out of her cage. Shop Chewy 24/7 for necessities and chinchilla toys for sale to help entertain your fur-iend!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of toys do chinchillas like?

Chinchillas like the kind of toys that they can chew. Make sure the chew toys are made with safe woods like pear, willow and hazelnut. Pine and cedar products are not safe for chins. While woodblock toys are great, you can even make your own toys with cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towel rolls! As long as your chinchilla is chewing safely, they’re going to be a happy camper.

How do you entertain a chinchilla?

You can entertain a chinchilla in her cage by filling it with chinchilla chew toys, tunnels, chinchilla hideaways, ledges and ladders. She’s a smart fur-iend, so it’s helpful to switch out the toys periodically to keep her on her adorable toes. There are also chinchilla exercise wheels available so she can run for hours. Choose one that’s made for chinchillas because wheels for other petite pets, like mice, won’t be big enough. Also, make sure it doesn’t have a mesh bottom, or her teeny tiny feet could get stuck.

Can I give my chinchilla a stuffed animal?

No, you should not give your chinchilla a stuffed animal. Your fur-iend is an avid chewer and a stuffed animal isn’t safe for chewing or ingestion. Your best option is to provide toys made for chinchillas, especially those designed for chewing. You can find toys that hang from her cage and ones that stay on the floor that will make far safer options for your chinchilla that will still be fun and entertaining.

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