Chinchilla Toys

Your pint-sized pal is as entertaining as can be. Help her stay busy and happy by filling her cage with a variety of chinchilla toys. The best chinchilla toys are the ones that stimulate her mentally and physically. There are many ways she can play and exercise, from chew toys to balls and exercise wheels to tunnels.

Like many rodent fur-iends, your chin’s teeth grow continuously throughout her life, so she needs chinchilla chew toys to help her file down her chompers. Chinchilla chew toys are often made of wood. Toys made with pear, willow and hazelnut wood are safe options. You should stick away from pine and cedar products because they are not safe for your chin to chew. And while there are plenty of toys to choose from, you can even make some of your own at home! Cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towel rolls are economical and safe options.

There are other ways to keep her entertained in her cage. Some people add chinchilla wheels & tunnels to their furbaby’s cage. Just be sure to select a wheel made just for chinchillas because they require bigger wheels than smaller fur-iends. Shop at Chewy for a variety of chinchilla toys for sale.

There are so many other chinchilla supplies you’ll want and need for your fluffy friend. Choosing the right chinchilla cage and chinchilla food are two of the most important decisions you’ll make. Chewy offers a variety of choices so you can pick the best one for your pal. And then you can make the cage feel extra homey with chinchilla bedding. While she’ll spend a lot of time inside the cage, time out of the cage is very important. A chinchilla playpen can help her stay safe and away from items she might want to chew on. Ready to keep your chin entertained and mentally stimulated? Shop Chewy 24/7 for the best chinchilla toys.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my chinchilla entertained?

To keep your chinchilla entertained, fill her cage with safe toys and hideouts. Chew toys are a great and necessary way to keep her busy. Chinchillas also like balls they can roll around with their nose. You also need to provide plenty of run-around time outside her cage. For time outside the cage, consider a playpen to keep your pal safe and away from dangerous items.

What kind of toys do chinchillas like?

The toys chinchillas like vary between friends. Chew toys are a necessity for chins because their teeth grow throughout their lives. Chewing helps file down their teeth to support dental health. Also, many chinchillas enjoy pushing around balls and running through tunnels. Some even learn how to use an exercise wheel! Just be sure to choose one designed just for chinchillas because others for smaller friends aren't safe.

Can I give my chinchilla stuffed toys?

No, you should not give your chinchilla stuffed toys. As an avid chewer, she will likely see the stuffed animal as a new chew toy. Some of the materials frequently used to make stuffed animals, like cotton, can be dangerous when ingested. Only keep safe-to-consume items in her cage, like wooden chew toys.

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