Rabbit Treats

Making your bunny happy by giving him healthy treats can be one of the best parts of keeping a bunny as a pet. It’s important to be careful what kind of rabbit treats you feed, however, and to avoid giving too many empty calories that may harm his health. Luckily, Chewy has a wide selection of bunny treats, including dried veggie snacks, crunchy treats made from timothy hay, chew treats and healthy rabbit fruit treats for sale.

The best rabbit treats will be delicious and healthy veggies offered in addition to your pets’ pelleted diet and lots of fresh hay. Fresh or dried fruits offered occasionally and in small amounts work great as special treats, but don’t go overboard as they can be quite high in sugar. To ensure good dental health, you can try giving your rabbit chew sticks made of tasty wood to help maintain dental health and keep him entertained.

You can also find a variety of packaged treats for your bunny to use as special rewards or training enticements. Many are made with healthy timothy hay or alfalfa, and you can also find lots of dried fruit varieties and treats fortified with vitamin C or superfoods for an added boost. There are even some healthy hay and herb “salad” treats studded with things like dried fruit or tasty flowers! Be careful not to feed treats that are too sugary or processed—or save these for special occasions—and try to stick to varieties with healthy ingredients that are natural for bunnies to eat.

If you think of treats as an occasional supplement to the healthy rabbit food and rabbit hay you’re already feeding, it’ll be easier to make healthy choices about what to give as a snack. You can get some fun bunny toys for your rabbit habitats that dispense treats slowly while encouraging play, or check out the hay-filled hideouts that combine snack-time with adventure. Chewy has all the rabbit supplies you need to treat your bunny and make your rabbit cages a happy and healthy place for your bunny to be. Shop for tasty rabbit treats and reward your bunny with all the healthy snacks he deserves!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best treats for rabbits?

The best treats for rabbits are healthy fresh veggies and limited amounts of fruit as a special treat. Hay mixed with herbs, flowers or dried fruit can make a great treat for bunnies, too, and tasty chew sticks will help with dental care and keep your bunny’s teeth nice and trim. Special occasion treats like biscuits made of timothy hay, dried fruit blends and yogurt treats should be given sparingly, but these make great training treats or rewards after stresses like having company over or trips to the vet.

How often should I give my rabbit treats?

Give your rabbit treats no more than every 1-2 days and only give sugary treats like fruits in very small quantities. Too much sugar can lead to GI upsets and upset digestive flora, and long-term overfeeding of sugary treats can lead to unhealthy weight gain. A fun way to feed your rabbit just a little bit of treats at a time is to use a treat toy or ball, or try hiding treats by burying a few in the rabbit bedding at the bottom of the cage for your bunny to find. Be sure to always consult with your vet about feeding amounts for food and treats and consider getting a scale to monitor your bunny’s weight for changes.

Can you give treats to young rabbits?

You should not give treats to young rabbits or fresh fruits and veggies, as these can upset their delicate digestive systems. Tasty alfalfa hay mixed in with regular hay is good for young rabbits and provides them with necessary nutrients as they grow, and they love the taste, so it’s like giving a treat. Start feeding fresh veggies, fruits and occasional treats very gradually after your bunny reaches 10 weeks of age and monitor for signs that may indicate that you’re introducing these new items too fast.

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