Small Animal Tunnels

Since small pets are prey animals, they enjoy having the security and comfort of small pet hideouts and tunnels. Many pocket pets are a part of the rodent family, so burrowing and tunneling are instinctual for them. Tunnels are one of the favorite toys of many varieties of pets, and we offer tunnels are more for all small pets- the best hamster toys, rabbit toys, guinea pig toys, hedgehog toys, ferret toys, mouse toys, and chinchilla toys. More so than other kinds of toys, tunnels are an important part of a small pet habitat, as well as a great way to provide them with a sense of safety. Chewy has everything from hamster tunnels & balls to guinea pig & rabbit tunnels and wheels. For small pets, the Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel Oversized Crackling Tube Small Animal Toy is a great way to offer them the tunneling experience they love during their playtime outside of their small pet cage. It provides your pet with a place to play, sleep and fulfill their natural instinct to hide. It also makes a fun crinkling sound as your pet plays for an added level of interactivity. For sugar gliders and other pocket pets that enjoy climbing, you can provide them with the Niteangel Small Animal Cotton Rope Nets Activity Toy, which will allow them to climb while also helping to prevent nail overgrowth. The Kaytee Simple Sleeper Small Animal Play Tunnel is also a fun hanging option for small pets who like to climb, like chinchillas, ferrets, sugar gliders and rats. It can be elevated or set up to rest on the ground, to provide your pocket pet with an enriching place to hide or explore. It can also be combined with the rope net for seriously fun playtime. For ferrets, Chewy offers the Marshall Super Thru-Way Small Animal Tunnel Toy, which can be hooked up to the Marshall Pop-N-Play Ferret Ball Pit Toy for the ultimate playtime setup. Rabbits are also well-known for burrowing, so by giving your pet bunny a rabbit tunnel, you can mimic their natural habitat in a fun and stimulating way. The Living World Small Animal Tunnel is a convenient rabbit tunnel that is easy to store. It comes in a variety of colors and gives rabbits a place to play and explore or cuddle and hide. Check out Chewy's wide selection of pet supplies where we offer the best small animal pet supplies so that you can find the perfect tunnel for your little one.

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