Small Animal Exercise Wheels & Balls

To give your small pets a productive outlet for all their energy, it is important to offer them plenty of small pet interactive toys to play with. We have toys for all kinds of small pets- hamster toys, rabbit toys, guinea pig toys, rat toys, ferret toys, hedgehog toys, and mouse toys- and exercise wheels are some of the most beloved and beneficial small animal pet products available. Exercise wheels and balls are a great option to keep your pet active and entertained. Choose from some of the best pet brands to find the best options for small pets. For inside your small pet’s cage, you can try the Kaytee Silent Spinner Small Animal Exercise Wheel, which will provide your small pet with the exercise they need without keeping the whole house awake. We have exercise toys for all kinds of small pets, including hamster balls & wheels, guinea pig balls, hedgehog wheels, and chinchilla wheels. It comes in three different sizes, so whether you have a hamster, rat, mouse, sugar glider, chinchilla or guinea pig, you can find a size that accommodates them. For pocket pets that prefer batting small pet toys around, like hedgehogs, gerbils, ferrets and bunnies, you can try fun activity balls. The Peter’s Woven Grass Ball Animal Toy is great for bigger pets like rabbits, while the Niteangel Small Animal Trio of Fun Balls Activity Toy is perfect for small pets of any size. Both are made without any glue, plastic or metal, so they are safe for chewing and playtime. The fun and exercise doesn’t have to be limited to inside their cage! You can let them scurry around and explore any location when you have an exercise ball. The Kaytee Run-About Small Animal Exercise Ball is a great way to keep your adventurous little one safe while they explore, and it comes in varying sizes for every type of pocket pet. If you want your small pet to show off a bit more flair while scurrying around, you can gift them the Kaytee Critter Cruiser Small Animal Exercise Wheel, which makes for an adorable hamster ball or exercise ball for other small pets. For ferrets or pets that really want a fun and engaging toy, try the Marshall Pop-N-Play Ferret Ball Pit Toy. Just pop open the foldable ball pit, dump the balls in and let your pocket pet have a blast. This exciting toy is sure to provide your small pet with all the mental stimulation and fun they need to exhaust themselves. Whether you’re searching for a silent hamster wheel or an exercise ball, check out what Chewy’s online pet store has to offer your small pets!

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