Guinea Pig Toys

Keep your guinea pigs happy and healthy by providing lots of guinea pig toys for them to play with. Chewy has some great pet guinea pig toys for sale, including guinea pig chew toys, guinea pig tunnel toys, activity centers, treat toys and more. Here are a few things to consider before adding new toys to your guinea pig’s collection.

The best guinea pig toys should help satisfy your little buddies’ chewing instincts, since guinea pigs like to work their teeth out as much as their muscles. You can find lots of toys made of twigs, wood or natural grass that are made for healthy chewing, including a few made of tasty applewood or timothy hay. Other toys should be made of sturdy, non-toxic materials and free of small parts that can break free. Activity centers for small animals often feature chewable wood and rope construction that works great for guinea pigs, too.

Some people like the idea of getting a guinea pig exercise wheel or a guinea pig exercise ball for their pets, but be warned that these may cause back and foot injuries in guinea pigs from all the bending, since their spines aren’t very flexible. Invest in a guinea pig ball your pets can push around or try a tunnel for lots of exciting hide and seek play. Some of the best guinea pig tunnels for play will be those you make yourself—an old cardboard tube or oatmeal canister can become a terrific plaything for your piggies, especially if you fill it with hay.

Fill your guinea pig cage with lots of different activities, incorporating chew toys, guinea pig hideouts, toys that dispense guinea pig treats and guinea pig food and toys you make from household items, as well. You can also look into guinea pig playpens to give your cavies the extra exercise and entertainment they need. Chewy has all the guinea pig supplies you need to make your guinea pigs’ home a stimulating and healthy environment. Shop our great selection of guinea pig toys and start creating the perfect play environment for your pets!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of toys do guinea pigs like?

Guinea pigs like chew toys, push-able balls, tunnel toys, dangling toys and even improvised cardboard playthings. Experiment with different types to see which ones your guinea pigs prefer. There are multiple toys that incorporate chewy, pushable and hideout features all into one, so your little piggy will have hours of endless play.

Do guinea pigs like exercise balls?

Some guinea pigs might like exercise balls, but they can be very dangerous for your guinea pigs. Guinea pigs aren’t made to bend the way some other small animals like hamsters are. You really should never use exercise balls or wheels for your guinea pigs because they can cause serious back injuries as well as foot harm. The best guinea pig exercise ball, like the best guinea pig exercise wheels, would be no exercise wheels or balls for guinea pigs, ever.

How do I keep my guinea pig entertained?

Keep your guinea pig entertained with lots of great toys and activities in the cage. Tunnels, chew toys, balls and hideouts are all fun for guinea pigs. Hanging or rolling toys that dispense food or guinea pig treats are always a hit, as are homemade toys. You should also schedule lots of time outside the cage for your buddies. Guinea pig playpens provide a safe, enclosed area for play and stimulation and should be used whenever possible. Lap time and one-on-one playtime with your guinea pigs is another great way to keep them happy and entertained.

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